Saturday, 11 October 2008

Reminiscing Summer : BBQ & Jewellery Fair

The hub's friends - a couple who live near us, invited us over for BBQ one weekend (one of the last few summer weekends available). It was a perfect Summer Day, especially for a BBQ in your backyard with LOADS of good food and drinks. Our second this summer! (Very hot and sunny day - remember your sunnies)

(Shean Wenn was fascinated by the flowers in their well-manicured garden, exclaiming "Fwawa fwawa!")

SW eyeing the BBQ pit - "When can I get my BBQ stingray with belacan sauce???!"

The couple - actually the husband - did all the cooking. He's got belacan sauce for dipping, a whole assortment of BBQ stuff - stingray, salmon, the usual chicken wings and etc, all very delicious! The wife did a mean Pimms-mix (ice lemon tea?).

SW - "Too warm, let's go into the house...." See how she makes this like her own home, she even wore her shoes running around inside.

There was one other toddler amongst the group of friends, Joshua who is almost 2 years old. At first both of them didn't acknowledge each other but after warming up to each other, both of them were chasing each other aorund the house. At one point, their favourite activity was climbing up (and down) the stairs. Of course, little Joshua is a confident and expert climber (and he can go down the stairs), but they both enjoyed the race, anyway.

Later, after she was tired of running around the house, or of climbing the stairs, she decided to go out to the garden again. She loved the water feature and dipped her hands into it despite me telling her not to. Can't take NO for an answer now, this lady!

Rolling around the grass! How lady-like!


I have also came to know an asian family (from Hong Kong) from around the neighbourhood. They have a little girl, Karmen who is more than 1 month older than SW. Michelle, Karmen's mom had tickets to the International Jewellery London and asked me to go along. We made the journey to Earl's Court that day and both the little girls enjoyed it immensely! Since both of them have been seeing each other so often, Shean Wenn has become very sociable around Karmen. Karmen, on the other hand, has always been a sociable and friendly baby.

See the two little future diamond traders in action!

(What do you think of this lot of items, Karmen?)

("Well, they look ok, but look here, I see some speck of impurities on the pearl...")


chip-pea said...

She's grown so much. Her hair is all wavy and pretty. Also, love her stripy throusers!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic with the shades. Haughty!


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