Monday, 13 October 2008

Guide to Happiness

Shean Wenn's FAST Guide to Happiness :

1. Have a "good hair day", everyday. Jazz up your looks, put on something interesting - life doesn't have to be all dull & boring.

Shean Wenn loved having her hair tied into ponytails (eventhough she doesn't leave it on for long). She puts on the sunglasses herself and checks herself out in the mirror.

2. Have your good friend/BFF (Best Friend Forever) around you - you will find your day to be much more enhanced when you have someone who's company you enjoy most. Share a story, talk, or just BE there for each other.


(Shean Wenn's new friend, Karmen loves to hug SW! So sweet!)

(A hug and a peck!)

(Spending time together doing what we love - Reading!)

3. Aim for the sky - "be an aeroplane!"

(The hubs taught SW a few months ago how to pretend to be an aeroplane; fling your arms to the back, outstretched like the wings of a plane. She LOVES doing the aeroplane whenever you ask her to. Sometimes she even does it whenever she hears a plane flying by the apartment - we live near an airport)

Shean Wenn

This post is part of the "Little Miss" Series

Photo credit : Photos with kaka taken by kaka's mom.


Unknown said...

Welcome back! Oh, this is SW's BFF. The girls are soooo adorable......

chip-pea said...

Karmen is ultra loving...SO sweet!;P

Tsu Yen said...

Awww... Karmen is so friendly! So cute!!


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