Friday, 17 October 2008

George the Bill

While researching for our upcoming trip to the US (NYC & Miami), Meng came to me with two $1 bills; these are the leftovers from his previous trips to the US and he's asking me to put it in my wallet lest he forgets about them.

Upon a closer inspection on one of the note, I was rather annoyed when I saw handwriting on it "Gee, why do people write on notes???!!", I was grumbling to myself, I saw someone wrote this

Track my Travels
(circling a star sign * of the serial number)

Hmm, is this some kinda joke? I decided to check it out nonetheless. I keyed in the serial number and year and found out that we are the 2nd entry of this note. Not very interesting but I thought the idea of tracking dollar bills are pretty cool - kinda like how some people photograph their garden gnomes (or ipods, or whatever) around the globe and post it up on a site dedicated for it!

I also found pretty interesting stuff to do in NYC, for example for nature-enthusiats, you can plan your travels to NY state to look at the Autumn (or "FALL" as the Americans call it :P) leaves, there is a website on "Foliage Forecast". They have a useful "Leaf Guide" to show you the different colours of the leaves - "clear, sunny days and cool nights with temperatures around the 40's bring out the most striking autum color" (It's colour, tssk!).

(click on the images to view the full info)

I am so excited! Autumn is one of the most romantic seasons (IMHO), and I'm sure Shean Wenn will love jumping and crushing the leaves as she walks along the pavements littered with them.

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