Thursday, 30 October 2008

Conversations with my 15 MO

Differentiating between HOT and COLD

1. Dinner is served for her and as I scoop a spoonful to put into her mouth, she spits it out

SW : HOK HOK (Hot hot, it means)!!
Me : No, it's not hot, it's warm, can be eaten.
SW : *shakes head* *pushes my hands away* HOK HOK *shows me her tongue* HOK HOK!
Me : *Hmmph!* (wanna spank her!)

2. SW playing by the heater/radiator (which we have switched on for autumn- Low heat)

SW : Ooh! HOK HOK!!! *retracting her fingers from the heater and her mouth making a big "O"-shape*
Me : See, don't touch. (Serves you right :P)

3. Weekday romping at the mall - somewhere in Canary Wharf. I saw Zaza, a newly opened gelato shop. Asks for a single scoop Hazelnut in cup (comes with a baby-cone).

Me : SW, you want ice-cream??? (Scoops and put into her mouth)
SW : *takes a tiny taste of it and turned her head away* HOK HOK!!!
Me : -_-" Not HOT, COLD COLD!
Me : You want somemore?
SW : *Nods* *Opens her mouth - takes a little* HOK HOK!
Me : COLD COLD! Ok, you eat this cone then! *Yayy.. i eat all*


(SW sees her favourite song on Cbeebies. Claps and dances happily until song finishes)

Me : What does the Tiger do?
SW : *makes roarring sound* GRRRR!
Me : What does the Monkey do?
SW : HAIK!! (Huh?)
Me : Monkey do what?
SW : HAIK! (thinks sumo wrestler? Oh, i see she cannot pronounce Hoohoohahaha)

Here is an UNEDITED video taped using my handphone (very low resolution) but you can hear her saying WA-BEET (Rabbit) with some hand-gestures, and also doing some other animal sounds.


I heard a loud knock - she has fallen down and knocked herself. Shean Wenn cries.. and composes herself before coming to find me. I hurried out from the kitchen. She brings me to the scene of accident and pats her hand on the floor, showing me where she has fallen down. I said "Oh no, is this where you fell?" She nods, and then uses her hand to "hit" the floor - something I taught her in order to distract her from the pain. She has been doing this quite alot - whenever she falls down, or hit herself while playing. And yes, she still falls down and hits herself quite often, unfortunately!

Speech development

SW bring her favourite book to me (ok, she has alot of fav books!) - this is the one daddy bought for her form Dubai, with buttons at the side that when you press it, it will read out an object.

SW flips to one page, points to the Car.
Me : *huh?? Impressed*
SW points to flower
SW : Fwawa!
Me : Yes, you are right.
SW points to ball.
Me : Yes, correct.
SW points to boat. Presses the button and it reads BOAT.

SW : Bowp.
Me : *wow!*
Me : SW is a SMART GIRL! *Kiss* (And i meant it!)


Tsu Yen said...

SW is too smart and too cute! Unfortunately she is quite clumsy like her aunt! I fell down twice on 2 Fridays consecutively -_-"

It's going to be Friday again tomorrow *cross fingers*

chip-pea said...

Smart little girl!As usual, I am so impressed by her speeck development :))

Tsu Lin + + said...

Tsu Yen : Thanks. :) But aiks, please be careful when you walk ok? Wear flats on Friday then.

chip-pea : Well, girls are more lisguistic and boys develop their play/motor skills/co-ordination more,isn't it? :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Clever girl! Her speech development is very impressive and her pronounciation is absolutely fantastic for her age.

As for the clumpsy part, sigh... don't they all. SL has been getting bruises and bumps all over and we have totally no idea where they come from, because most of the time, he doesn't make a single sound when he knocked something, hence we usually never notice until one or two days later when the greenish grey patches start to appear.

Oh my... your apartment has officially turned into SW's apartment, with the kitchen set and all, heh-heh-heh. Not that I won't be saying the same to my own home.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Siew :

**SHY** Shy that you brought up the state of the house (messy) - BUT, i was packing for the US trip and it was a manic day!

And thanks, ya, she seems to be enthusiastic about repeating what we tell her.

I guess it's a baby-thing... This SL is so "tahan lasak" - SW would cry when she hits something. But it seems even then, I will discover a few bruises here and there after a few days. SL prob hit himself "helping you around the office"! This is what you call, occupational hazard!


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