Saturday, 27 September 2008

Laptop Research & Boiler frustrations

Apparently the laptop's Graphic Card's busted and it cannot be repaired - we are still trying to find out if it can be replaced. Failing that, we have been researching for a replacement laptop. Actually, it is more the hubs researching than me. I am out of the equation since now I am not contributing to it (the old one was split 2 ways). Knowing him, he is going for "looks" and "brag factor" while I kept rolling my eyes and tell him I need good specs (because I do alot of photo-editing, and he plays his games).

But I think finally we both came to an agreement on one from Sony (I try to stay away from Sony last time because I thought it was overpriced for their specs. Anyway, times may have changed).

We went to the shops and touched and felt all the models around (Toshiba, Acer, Dell, Sony) and he still feels that the Sony is the one he likes most. So I hope (crossing my fingers and toes) that we will be booking one soon!! I can't wait to punctuate all my blogposts with photos again :)

So, what laptops do you use? Are you someone who use it for the basic stuff like email and Microsoft Office apps, or you are a heavy user (gaming, photo editing, use for DB processes?)? What were your experiences using different brands and specs of laptop? Share, if you may?

On another note, our boiler has been OOO (Out of Order) last Sunday. They sent a techinican to check on it and he told us the relay needs to be replaced. But until today, the boiler part still has not arrived - it does cause a little inconvenience to us, having to boil water for our baths and not being able to just switch on the tap and out flow hot water! Oh how we have been pampered by all these modern inventions. One day I thought to save myself the trouble of boiling water, to just use the cold water to wash my hair - and boy, I nearly froze to death washing my hair, the freezing cold water on my scalp, neck and hands. Brrrr.... lesson learnt.

I really hope it will arrive early next week. Please, no more boiler woes!


Anonymous said...

All I can say is Dell Dell Dell, there are 3 Dells in my house. One spare, one new and one from office.

Looks and fell not so great obviously but we don't need it to look good because we don't ever sit in Starbucks to show off our laptops. All we need are the specs, I need loads of memory cause of the work that I do and I need speed. Since I run an internet business and maintain more than 10 websites, it would be ridiculous to have to wait while my 386 takes it's time to warm up!! :P

So I vote practicality and functionality.

Besides, what is the definition of a heavy user? What is considered heavy? Is it amount of time spent glued to the notebook or is it a lot of data processing or perhaps a live game addict?

What difference does it make anyway?

Tsu Lin + + said...

Amen. I agree on functionality, that.

The Sony one we shortlisted has pretty good specs, and the price seems reasonable. So it's hit on both nails.

Anonymous said...

lol - welcome to the club. Need to have a good reason to change his mind. You'll need lots of RAM for what you do.

cglow said...

condolences to your old notebook. here's a thought for a new one:

mini notebooks are the rave now. soon they'll make notebooks so thin you can roll it up and swat flies.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Weng : That is what I kept telling him - I need more RAM! But as you said, his mind's made up. :P The box and its content are sitting infront of me, unopened. Teasing me for 6 days already.

CGLow : I read about mini notebooks - not a fan.
1. I am not on the move all the time - hence the size is not a benefit to me.
2. I need big screen (15.4" or more) to edit photos.
3. I am not a fan of HP.
4. I need more RAM.


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