Sunday, 14 September 2008

Fever & Lantern Festival

On Friday night, my baby developed high fever. It was 39.3c when I first took her temperature so I woke her up and gave her Paracetamol. The hubs was back from his biz trip so he & I took turns to monitor her condition. By 1.30am, her fever didn't subside. I was beginning to be really worried. We decided to bring her into the A&E (Accident & Emergency) at Royal London Hospital. They have a Children's A&E there so we went there straightaway. The attending Dr checked her and told us she didn't have any infections, just the common cold + fever. We were advised to give her Paracetamol to control the fever.

Next morning, her temp didn't subside, and went up to 39.9c. We brought her in again. This time, the attending Dr asked us some additional info (does she have any contacts with other kids, etc). She then checked her and found that she has ear infection and was prescribed anti-biotic.

A&E twice in 10 hours. :(

Her temperature subsided today (Sunday) but she has bad sorethroat, so everytime she drinks or eat, she'll cry out after swallowing. Her voice has gone a little hoarse. Poor girl! We were house-bound the whole weekend so that she can recover.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. SW got an electric lantern to play with (when she has the mood to play with it!).


Roslyn said...

Oh no! I hope she gets well soon. Sigh! Why didn't the Dr detect the infection the first time round. It always happens, doesn't it?

KC Tan said...

Oh... Wish SW all the best; get well soon... Even after the festival, mummy still can snap photo of SW playing the latern and show them on the blog, cant wait for the happy smiley SW photo ..

Anonymous said...

Gosh! I can totally relate to your experience. Hope SW gets well soon.

Anonymous said...

Walah...what was wrong with the first dr did not detect the ear infection...

Get well soon...btw, you have not replied to my sms!!!!!!

chip-pea said...

Hope she's ok now. I understand how it feels. Hang in there TL! before you know it, she'll bounce back with tonnes of her sweet smiles ;)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Roslyn & Michelle : According to the 2nd Dr, there were some wax in her ears which may have blocked the view of the infection so maybe that was why the 1st Dr didn't detect it then. And yes, I always like to go for 2nd or 3rd opinion (also I had a feeling there was more to her fever than just normal viral).

KC Tan : HEHE! Yes, I think alot more has to be done before I can get to post her photos up - I haven't gotten the laptop sorted out just yet. Big sigh!

Siew & ML aka Chip-Pea : :): Thanks. She is getting better now. ALMOST her usual self except she lost alot of appetite. Nowawadays I need to forcefeed her because her antibiotics will cause an upset stomach if she doesn't have food in it.

chip-pea said...

It's a chicken and egg thing isn't it these antibiotics. I hate them with a vengeance.
You know when Tobey had his sick marathon when he was 8-9 months old, he totally lost all appetite too. We even had to force water down him. It was a horrid time. I kept bringing him to the doctor worried that he was dehydrated.But the doctos told me that our babies are stronger than we think! I read in a toddler tamer guide that it takes 68 days for a kid to perish from starvation when they decides to stage a hunger strike! (I dunno whether to believe or not, but you get the idea lar)

Hey, before you know it, this too will past ;P

zewt said...

hope she is getting better.


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