Monday, 25 August 2008

Tried Recipe : Pan fried Chicken with Mango

I have been wanting to try this recipe since reading it (and salivating looking at her foodie photos) from this blog I frequent - Rojak Rendezvous. She was featuring this simple recipe : "Pan Fried Chicken with Mango".

I substituted a few of the ingredients as I had fogotten to get them from the shops (Olive oil to substitute butter and dried Parsley for the fresh ones)! We chose a relatively good white wine to cook this as it could also be used as an accompaniment to the chicken. Also, instead of using chicken with skin and bones, I used skinless and boneless chicken.

Verdict : Easy to prepare and cook. Tastes delicious - the mango added a nice tanginess to the white wine, which would have otherwise be a little bitter. I would definitely make this if they continue to sell those mangoes as sweet as the ones I got! I believe if I had used butter and used the chicken with skin, this dish would be even more flavourful.

Nonetheless, it was yummy yummy in my tummy!

(The photo does not do justice to the dish)


KC Tan said...

Mmmm Mmm YUmmy Yummy.. Well Done Tsu Lin. Looks good in the photo too. I must try it out myself one day. THanks for sharing the rojakrendevous blog.

chip-pea said...

Yummilicious!!! Must try this one day.

petite fleur said...

I'm delighted you tried this & liked it too....I always use wines that I would drink with when I cook. And it does make a difference.

Tsu Lin + + said...

KC Tan : You're welcome. Do blog about it if you have tried it out!

Chip-Pea : I see that you have actually done something there. Looks yummy!

Petite Fleur : Yes, I've been told it does. :) Only thing is, albeit having had 3 food and wine connoisseurs as bosses/colleagues, I still cannot remember my wines! Boo me. Maybe you can recommend some French Region ones, or better : educate me about wine selection on your blog :P


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