Friday, 29 August 2008

Speech development

It is so cute now that she can utter a few words : Flower (Fwawa), Book (Bookk) and Owl (OWL, yes the nocturnal bird), amongst them.

Everywhere she goes, anything she sees that resembles a flower, she will point to it saying "Fwawa" - flowers on her dress/mine, flowers in the park, flowers on TV, a photo of a flower, etc etc.

"Fwawa, fwawa", she says, looking at me while I nod approvingly. Then, she stood up and proceeded to stomp on them!

She also understands commands/sentences :
> Do you want nen-nen (milk)?? She will usually nod her head many times and walk towards the kitchen to ENSURE that I make it there and then.
> Do you want biscuit/mum-mum(eat)? (she can understand both) Again, it's a nod to this question.

But there is one command she will conveniently ignore - "NO!" - she can even imitate me doing the "No" (shaking my index finger side-to-side). I find it very funny when she does that!

Sometimes she will "sign" that she wants to eat (mum-mum) by pointing her index finger towards her mouth, sometimes she will say "mum mum", sometimes without it. When I see her doing it, I will usually ask her if she wants to eat/mum-mum. She will nod.

I don't teach her to sign alot (she will do it only if she wants to), but there is a programme on Cbeebies which she likes to watch where they will teach the babies to "sign". I am not sure if she picks up any signing from there, but she watches it intently.


KC Tan said...

Good Girl.. some says once they got the first few, it will be very very quick and easier for them to learn any new one. Good Girl.

Anonymous said...

Smart girl! Very very clever!

petite fleur said...

Enjoy it now until the day comes when you wish she would stop talking for just 1 minute.

By the way, you've been given this

Alicia said...

Your little girl is growing up so fast! Love the effect you did on her photos :)


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