Friday, 22 August 2008


* Edited *

(Unazukin Clover and Momiji Mika sharing a secret)

It's Bank Holiday Monday this coming Monday, so it's a long weekend for us. Yayy!

Ours will be one filled with visits to the London Aquarium, some sight-seeing, and some spot of shopping (mostly grocery shopping I foresee, since the broken fridge has been regas-ed and repaired temporarily). I hope I get to eat some cakes too. BTW, they will be sending us a new fridge soon. Thanks Hoover (thanks insurance, phew)!

(BTW, if you are visiting London Aquarium, don't forget to bring your Oyster Card - 2 for the Price of 1 paying adult.)

What will your weekend be like? No matter what, have a safe and great one.

PS : "Models" are my latest craze for Jap dolls - I found out that they are retailing the Nina Zimmerman designed Momiji Dolls at the local retailer and got my first one. Meet Mika (She can keep a secret). The Unazukin doll, on the other hand, is from E-Bay, my first successful bid.


Anonymous said...

Ooo...the Momiji doll is absolutely adorable!

Roslyn said...

The dolls are so kawaii! Certainly hoping for fair weather this weekend.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Soo Yin : It is, it is. Infact there is a whole collection from Nina Zimmerman. I am saving up to buy them. :D

Roslyn : Oooh, Louisa's party is today (technically)! Happy birthday party! Haha.. (Why you stay up so late?)


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