Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Little Miss Vain

From the diary of Miss Shean Wenn (aka Miss Vainpot) :


There is a reason why they say your hair is your "Crowning Glory" - a hairband is great way to accesorise the hair.

Look how I am transformed!

And how your eyes are the windows to your soul - and to preserve the beauty and sparkle of these "windows", do keep a pair of sunnies in your bags (or in my case, my mummy's bag) to shield it against the harmful UV rays of the sun!

If you can, please invest in a good pair for protection and it'll be a bonus if it matches your outfit! **wink**

Wishing you everyday of good-hair-day and eyebags-free,
Shean Wenn
Style Guru

Credits : Layer masks by Katie Pertiet

This post is part of the "Little Miss" Series


Tsu Yen said...

Awww Little Miss Vainpot is sooooo cute!! =)

chip-pea said...

Incredibly CUTE!!!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thank you "Mai"-Yen and and aunty ML! (I've been told that many times **flip hair**)


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