Sunday, 17 August 2008

Broken again...

I can't believe it: our fridge, with the replaced compressor, is broken again.

I had noticed the smell (probably the gas of the compressor) earlier last evening but thought nothing of it. We just bought our weekly grocery shopping - about £80 of stuff. This morning, the hubs confirmed my suspicions. We hauled most of the lot to Alicia's place in the afternoon. She had trouble finding space in her own fridge to accomodate the stuff we brought over :P (I hope the ice cream can still be eaten)

My hope is that Hoover will replace this with a new unit (new fridge, that is, not a compressor) so that we don't experience another episode like this. Especially when you have a young toddler to feed.

Now, I am so full from dinner - having to finish up whatever that's left in the fridge - ALOT of fishballs. *burp*

Anyway, after lunch with Alicia and her housemate, I headed out for a haircut. Shoulder-length again so I can perm it end of the year, hopefully!

* * * * * * * *

Two weeks ago, Shean Wenn attended a "Teddy Bear's picnic" held by Gymboree.

Before the picnic, I asked Shean Wenn to pick her bear to bring along for the "picnic". She chose her "Pooh Bear Bear", which was given to her by my cousin, Vivienne.

(Enjoying herself in the ball pool, with Pooh Bear Bear)

The picnic : There were alot of kids (and their moms), and it was alot of singing. Shean Wenn enjoyed herself by rummaging through stuff/toys, singing and dancing by herself (to the music and even without the music). There were some snacks provided by gymboree, not much variety - but for £2 entrance fee (with gives you a Raffles Ticket too), I can't complain. They have this chocolate roll which tasted pretty awful - filling were too sweet and the roll was a tad dry. Our asian version is definitely better (even without effort) - those pasar malam ones taste so much better than this!

Anyway, during Raffles Draw, we won ourselves a consolation prize - an inflatable Gymboree ball.

After gymboree, I brought SW to a nearby park and I reckoned she enjoyed herself on the swing more!



Anonymous said...

Nice hair!

petite fleur said...

I'd be so flustered if my fridge broke down. Another Doing the Karen Cheng ?

KC Tan said...

:( Sorry to hear on your fridge. I got the same bad exp wtih my mum's fridge years ago. GEC brand or something, cant remember. The repairmen mentioned normally if fridge "rosak" compressor you replace it, most likely it wont last long. So I guess you need a totally brand new one.

Roslyn said...

Hope you can a new fridge soon! Oh, I hate my hair now. It's at that not-long-not-short length. Messy!

Tsu Lin + + said...

siew : Thanks!

petite fleur : Luckily, that is semi-solved (they are giving us a new fridge, meantime they have also regassed this old one). And re Karen Cheng - aah, I couldn't resist. You should try it too ;)

kc tan : You're right. Thank goodness for insurance - we'll be getting a new one. Not sure when though.

roslyn : I know what you mean about the length. So, what do you plan to do about it? Short or leave it long and do something different to it? :)

Roslyn said...

I get it cut professionally only when I go back to Singapore. (Any gd rec here?) Otherwise, I cut it myself(horrors!) every now and then. In fact, I just did so today!

Tsu Lin + + said...

@ Roslyn : Yes, I do have... (That's where I go cut) Will email you if you are interested.

I sometimes cut my own hair too (fringe). I can't do my back anymore though.. it's so backbreaking (turning around) and so time consuming. I remember I used 2 cut my whole head once in uni while I was studying here... took me an hour!

Roslyn said...

Yes, please do email me the details, thank you! I just grab here and there then cut. Luckily I have a pair of 'thinning' scissors. If not I can't imagine how I will look.


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