Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Backdated : Redbull Air Race

(A plane flew right past infront of the balcony - my ONLY good shot of the whole event)

Two weekends ago, Patrick and wife invited us to their swanky apartment for lunch and also to watc the Redbull Air Race live in their balcony.

We arrived amidst gloomy weather, it was cloudy and windy as we parked the car and saw that the area was cordoned off to the public since this is a ticketted event. Patrick managed to cook a feast - green curry mussels, asam fish and sambal belacan vegetable. All spicy stuff to whet our appetite. Shean Wenn fell asleep in the car on the way here so the four of us sat down for lunch while she slumbered on the long couch even with the loud roaring of planes flying past.

After a hearty meal, we headed down to watch the air race. It was quite eventless - it's the finals.. there weren't many planes in action and they just seemed to zoom past some between some poles situated at various points in the Thames River at the shortest time possible without knocking over them.

Somewhat like this - look at the trail of smoke behind it.

Drizzling when we went down.

(SW and daddy posing with uncle Patrick)

(Three of them against the O2 backdrop)

We headed back up again since there isn't much activity going on, plus it was raining. Me, I was eyeing the pool and thinking how wonderful if I could be soaking in there sipping my margherita. Hey!

Back upstairs, Shean Wenn toddled around the place as though she owns it. Truth is, she is almost always excited to see, feel and venture around new places. She climbs up and down the sofas, table even. Peer through doors into rooms, stared at herself in the big mirror in the hallway and happily want to go out onto the balcony. Daddy and uncle Patrick had to escort her back in a few times ... tssk! My little girl.

(Sitting still with daddy)

We spent the whole afternoon with them and by the time we went home, we were so stuffed from lunch, dessert, after-dessert dessert (there was Konnyaku Jelly followed by Ice-Cream) we had a very light dinner. Such gracious host. Thanks Patrick and Amy!

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