Sunday, 27 July 2008

Viral Fever Updates

Her fever has subsided, and she's gotten better in the past 2 days!

All smiles!

Thanks for all your comments and well wishes.

Coincidentally, she got better when her daddy flew back - you see, her dad brings her immense joy!!

On Saturday, we thought of bringing her out for some fresh air. It was a warm day with temperature reaching as high as 26c. I dressed her lightly in this top (which is a dress here) - look at how cute she looks in it although it does look abit big on her. :-D

("Let's go, daddy!")

We decided to check out a local park and farm - as the name suggests, it's supposed to be both a park, and a farm with animals for petting (such as chickens and ducks) and riding (horses). When we reached there, our first impressions were that this place was rather unkempt. We walked along a path where flora thrived and without proper maintenance.

My "horror" was when we saw a herd of sheep grazing infront of us, UNSHEPHERD and they were just left roaming freely. Surely, this is not real? (Hey, I have not come into contact with any real sheep before this, wearing their wool not counted) We decided to carry SW instead of letting her sit on her stroller. We walked on... suddenly, the herd of sheep decidedly to RUN, towards our direction (not surprising as they seem like they were heading this way when they were happily grazing). My body froze, my mind was racing "OMG, what if they attack us??". When they were nearing us, SW pointed to them and say "Baaah baaah" (sound that sheep make). Hehe. I was quite pleasantly surprised because all my hardwork teaching her and reading to her has paid off. She knows her animals! And she was not even afraid of them.

What are SW and daddy looking at?

Horses in the equestrian

We decided that we had enough of this place. Not gonna try looking for the petting farm so we left and went to the park next to this park and farm.

Here, Shean Wenn really enjoyed herself running about in the vast fields.

Please wear your hat, SW. It's too hot and sunny.

Dress - from Kym
Hat & Crocs - from grandparents Wong

Anyway, I learnt something from this trip : that there is no venomous snake in England (Those native to England are Grass Snakes and Smooth snakes). How did this piece of information came about? That's another story for another day. ;)


Kymmie said...

Oh dear, my dress sure looks oversized on SW. Though I must say it lovely on her...matches her fair complexion.

Roslyn said...

She looks so grown-up in the pics. Very sweet!

Tsu Yen said...

She's so smart! She knows "baaah baaah"! *proud* hehe

Tsu Lin + + said...
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Tsu Lin + + said...

kymmie : Thanks again! Her daddy thinks it looks like a gown on her. He thought she looks so cute in it!!

Roslyn : Yeah, I think summer time is just a great time to grow :-D
(Although seriously, she is still in the 35percentile, just a slight increase from her newborn rate which was 25percentile).

Yen : Yes! She knows how to say alot of words now - Bird (pronounced as "Dirt"), Duck ("Deck") and fish.


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