Sunday, 6 July 2008

Playgroup - Summer break

The Steiner Playgroup that I bring Shean Wenn to every Wednesdays had their last day of session last week. I now have to find alternative to bring her to to vent out her energy, socialise with other kids and also for her to participate in structured group activities.

Anyway, last month on the 19th, the Kindergarten had a Summer Fest (June 20/21st is Summer Solstice).
(With grandma at the kindergarten)

That Thursday was a sunny day! Perfect weather for an outdoor fest. Mother-in-law flew in from Bangkok the night before and she came along for the fest - when we arrived, we saw there were some booths selling mainly secondhand stuff such as clothes, baby toys, books, and some handmade dolls. There was also one booth where they had information on Steiner Education. The babies and kids roam freely in the garden within the compound.

(The lavendars grown here - some were used to make the porpourri in the doll I made for her)

The manager (also the playgroup co-ordinator) made some flower garlands for every kid! Pretty. We spent our time just letting SW "go wild"!
(She actually loves the slides!)

There was also face-painting and balloon-man (man making balloons for kids). We didn't bring SW for face-painting but I queued up patiently amongst the kindy kids who were "demanding" their balloons to be shaped by the sweaty balloon man. Funnily, ALL the kids wanted DOG. One boy asked for a sword and the balloon man made a pink bunny for a girl. Right before my turn, he got a call on his mobile saying that his house got burgled into. Just my LUCK! Hmmmmfft! No balloons for Shean Wenn.

This is her outfit during "normal" outdoor time in the steiner playgroup. I bought this puddle-suit online and chose a "all-in-one" RED one for her. It is very good because during outdoor time, the kids get to play come rain or shine. On good-weather days, they still don the suit as they love playing with water and sand, the suit will protect them with all the mess. Anyway, the puddle-suit arrived after 3 days and I am SO happy with this purchase! It looks lovely on her too.


Anonymous said...

aiyoh...the puddle-suit is absolutely adorable!! LOL...she does look like a little ferrari engineer! =))

Tsu Lin + + said...

**Grin** It's like my secret wish for her to pursue that path, my little Ferarri Eng. Hehe.


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