Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Our Sunday out with the family

Last Sunday's lunch, SIL Alicia made reservations at the chic Yauatcha Chinese Restaurant. The occasion : to meet up with her God-mom (and her husband) who were here for a holiday from Australia. We, party of 8 (including Shean Wenn) were seated at a corner near to their, may I say most tantalising, dessert bar.

(The dessert bar)

Squaremeal reviews of the restaurant "With its alluring, sultry nightclub-style decor, Yauatcha remains one of London’s chicest restaurants & is also one of the few to serve dim sum throughout the day."

I was abit disappointed that they didn't offer highchair for babies/kids. I don't know many restaurants in UK that does not offer this. Just shows they are clearly not interested in the "family"segment of customers.

Here, my Shean Wenn had to sit on their sofa chair, with us - with NO restraint.

("This is my cousin Patreeya", Shean Wenn looking adoringly at the photo of her new cousin)

She is obviously very happy here!

After a most hearty lunch, the 3 of us went around to look and choose our desserts

Shanghai Lily

Our 3 desserts, the third is Passionella, only photographed partly on the top right corner.

Kum Quat something

After lunch, we went for a short shopping spree along Regent Street. We got tired after 2 hours and decided to head back to SIL Alicia's pad in the city, just 15 minutes walk away. But because we drove, it took us faster with low traffic.

Shean Wenn resting somewhere near Alicia's place. She is seen holding the keys to the apartment.

Thanks for the great lunch, Alicia!! :D


KC Tan said...

Oh. love those dessert .... by the way I like the way SW dressed. So cute.. especially the stocking and the skirt.

chip-pea said...

Shanghai Lily is so pretty and POSH! and totally love the pic of SW laughing!!SO cute!


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