Thursday, 10 July 2008


Have been internetless the past 24 hours. I woke up from a two-hour nap yesterday (one of those days where I fell asleep with Shean Wenn while putting her for her afternoon nap), and came to find that my internet connection has dropped. I checked everything: reset the modem, router, my laptop. After troubleshooting, I am convinced it was my service provider’s network issue, surely not my LAN or hardware problem.

I called Virgin Media (my service provider, we are their new customers, btw) – the IT helpdesk insisted that I repeat whatever I had done, AND, to shut off and disconnect the router, and connect my pc to their modem. I told him there is no need to (because it’s just a hassle for me to re-wire everything) – to please check HIS/THEIR network! He insists. Gawd, why must they be so annoying and not just do what I tell them to??! He told me after checking at his pc that he sees no issues with network on their side. Reluctantly I undo everything, moved my laptop over to my modem. After like a million hardwork, he had the cheeks to tell me that he had SPOTTED that it is, afterall, a Virgin Media network issue. Boy, did he get an earful from me for that! He also told me it might take up to 48 hours downtime. I told them it’s VERY UNACCEPTABLE. (I need to check their SLA, it should be 99.x% uptime).

Anyhow, I felt helpless without internet – exactly WHAT DO I DO?? Watch TV? (You see, it’s very rare that I sit down and become a couch potato).

So, this was what I did in the past 24 hours :

  • Scrubbed the bath tub

  • Filed my letters and bank statements (I seriously don’t do filing often enough).

  • Re-arranged the contents in the cupboard in the kitchen

  • Washed both toilets / bathroom

  • Folded laundry and kept them away

  • I was so bored, I even wiped some of Shean Wenn’s toys.

  • Did some Qi Gong exercises (I neglected doing them for almost 6 months now)

  • Finally changed my wallpaper on the laptop – see it here!


(Click on it to see notes)

Ahh, I felt I did so much housework in the span of 24 hours. And despite all these, I am quite sure when hubs returns from his business trip tomorrow, he will NOT notice any changes, and infact will turn to me and utter his favourite phrase to me : “Why is the house so messy!?!”.


chip-pea said...

Nice wallpaper..especially the one of her infront of the mirror!kekeke!

Anonymous said...

You are funny, heh-heh-heh!

petite fleur said...

Sounds like mine. No matter how hard I've cleaned, he will inevitably find a spider web somewhere...but then again, we live in the countryside so it's not uncommon (hehe which is what I keep telling hime).

I get serious withdrawal symptoms when the internet is down.


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