Sunday, 3 August 2008

Confessions of a bookworm

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She really loves her books..

She will read them first thing in the mornings, or when she is bored during the day, and the last thing before going to bed.

This morning she woke up at 6am, I carried her out from her cot and lay her down next to me on my bed. Usually she will read by herself, babbling incessantly along with the pages. Today, she poked me with the book - my eyes almost went blind, my nose mercilessly being hit a few times. She wants me to read her a story. I am not a morning person, certainly not so between 5.00-7.30am (just let me sleep!). I grudgingly took the book (for fear of being blinded) flipped through it and mumbled "Doggy Wooow wooow and Bear Ggrrrrrr were playing ball on the beach" (I always teach her the animals by accompanying the sound that the respective animals make)- I hear her grumbling, as though unhappy. I opened one eye - OOOOPS, the book is upside-down. I flipped back the right side up and continued the story which I now know by heart... she happily responded with every of my word. After 2 pages, I fell back asleep and she left me alone, reading on her own again.

(Her favourite books - "In the Night Garden"'s Makka Pakka Washed Faces & All Aboard the Ninky-Nonk)

Sometimes at night, she will even hug her book to sleep! -_-"


chip-pea said...

That is So sweet! I wish Tobey will be as intrested in books as SW. I should really up my effort in reading to him.

mom2ashley said...

that is nice..i dont think ashley has any fav books though..she just grabs whatever that is in front of her...

Tsu Yen said...

She is so smart! She knows that the book is upside-down! Wow she's going to turn out like her aunt tsu peng haha - nerd.

Tsu Lin + + said...

@ Chip-Pea : He's got different hobbies. He will come round to reading, right now, he just wanna explore how his body can withstand physical exertion (run around, carry flower pots, pushing heavy loads).

@mom2ashley : SW has fav books at diff phases - right now she is "into" the "In The Night Garden" show so that is why she likes the books.

@tsu yen : Hehe.. Not sure if it's just coincident or not?

Sasha Tan said...

i gotto hide that particular book from J cos once he sees that book he'd tell me "pek pek..". Wanna go toilet. I guess that book will trigger his motion to poop. :S

Tsu Lin + + said...

Are you serious??? **ROFL** This book of "In the Night Garden"? Wow! How funny is that!

Well at least if J has constipation, you can just show him the book. :P

cre8tone said...

It's so great tat ur bb loves books


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