Monday, 30 June 2008

A tiger in our midst?

One early morning, I was woken up by a growling, a growl similar to that of a tiger, perhaps?

"Grrrrr grrrr grrrrrr..", the growling persisted. Both my eyes wide opened (it must've been 630am), I turned to my left and found Shean Wenn, sandwiched between us practicing her tiger cub growling. The hubs and I both smiled.

SW has just acquired this new skill and must have been keen to perfect her mastery of it. I usually read to her her animal book - "Monkey (pointing to the picture of the monkey), monkey goes Hoohoohahaha", "Duck, ducky goes quack quack", "Doggy, doggy goes wooow woooow", and so on and so forth.

Then last week when MIL first arrived, she also read and taught her animal noises. The Tiger growl stuck! >

So now,

Us : "SW, What does a tiger do?"
SW : "Grrrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrr!"

Us : "SW, What does a bear do?"
SW : "Grrrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrr!"
... uhh, ok.

Us : "SW, What does a duck do?"
SW : "Grrrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrr!"

Us : "SW, What does a doggy do?"
SW : "Grrrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrr!"


Saying that, she really has a good association with objects and parts of the body. For example, if you point to a picture of a fish on her book and ask her "What is this?" She will say "Fish". If you ask her where is her Pooh Bear (a soft toy bought by my cousin for SW), she will walk to Pooh Bear and grab him, sometimes passing Pooh Bear to us. If you open a book and ask her where is Elmo? She will point out Elmo to you. She can also identify parts of her body : Head, Nose, Toes.


KC Tan said...

Brilliant SW... Good Girl. Mummy really did a good job exposing her to alot of things.

chip-pea said...

Smart girl..Everytime I imagine her growling,I can't help but find it so adorably funny! hahaha.

Tsu Lin + + said...

KC : Thanks :) I try to teach her anything to ensure I enrich her childhood (and make sure she is smart. Haha!)

Chip-pea : Kekeke.. her growls are quite convincing. *Grin* Sometimes I tell her "OH WOW! So 'awk' (ganas in cantonese) ar??"!


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