Monday, 9 June 2008

SW attends her friend's 1st Birthday

It was Tobey's 1st Birthday party on Sunday. The weather, extremely glorious sunshine throughout the day. I think Tobey's mom could not ask for more! There was home-cooked food and SW's daddy's favourite bit - BBQ!

Shean Wenn enjoying herself outdoors, and yes, with barenaked feet. As she has outgrown all her "baby shoes", we bought a new pair for her last weekend which is for walking. One day while out with me, she must've kicked it off while I was shopping. So she lost her brand-new shoes. We will search for another one for her next weekend. (We can't allow her to be a walking around with no shoes, can we?)

(SW obviously loving the texture of the grass and enjoying the great outdoors!)

And yes, she can walk now. My little girl started to walk since last week. She loves her new found skills and have been diligently practising whenever she has the chance!

(She having a go during Tobey's opening of pressie)

With daddy and mummy at Tobey's house. Look at the balloons... so colourful and happy.

("Mummy, when is it my turn to have a party with lots of presents??")

Answer : In 2 week's time, darling!
To our dear friends, please look out for the invites in your post.


After the party, we had a dinner appointment at Patrick's luxury apartment. He was cooking for us. We arrived slightly past 6.40pm and was led into the living room by Mrs Patrick. Shean Wenn could not contain her excitement! She was pottering about the room as though she owns the place. She squeeled a few times in delight. I guess she really likes the big spacious hall (his hall is probably more than twice the size of ours!).

Dinner was fabulous and we couldnt wait to get to use the swimming pool next time - Teeheehee!

(This weekend has been great! We had meals at friends' place 3 out of 4 meals. I can get used to this)


Anonymous said...

SL has yet to walk! Aaaaargh!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Siew, in due time. Patience. He's standing and cruising pretty well, so that's good!


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