Thursday, 12 June 2008

Spot yours?

Spot yours? Originally uploaded by Tsu Lin

Finally they are off!

I sent out this bunch of invitations to my baby daughter's First Birthday Bash on Wed and I hope they have made their way to our friends! These cards are pretty unique - as no card is similar to another. :D

(Do you spot yours amongst the bunch here?)

I had to wait for the Moo stickers to arrive and it took 6 working days from payment to the receipt of the pack at my postbox. Rushed to stick them on the invites and gosh, don't they look pretty good?

I love the effect although I must comment on the outcome (of the stickers) : The colour of the stickers were alot darker than it was on my screen! I know the colour WOULD vary from onscreen to printing, but as a comparison, even white became off-white with a tinge of orange on my stickers.

Here's a sneak peek inside

(Keep the date free!)

And look what I found when I checked my mail today?? A package from France!

(What came in a package from France? SW's birthday pressie)

A good friend of mine actually sent Shean Wenn her birthday gift all the way from across the sea. (Thanks Kym! Your card is beautiful) The top and the tight are meant for a 2 year old, but I have tried the top on SW and she fits, so she will be wearing the top as a dress! :) Will post photos when she wears it.


Melissa said...

Lovely invitation cards, tsulin! Really lovely!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thank you Melissa!

*sooyin* said...

Eee....sooo cute! Can't believe it's coming to a year already!

And, yeah, moo stuff somehow comes out darker than what you see on the screen...same thing with their notecards.

petite fleur said...

Beautiful invitation cards - did you make them yourself ? My daughter is small for her age so whenever any top is too big for her - I do likewise too, let her wear it as a dress.

Roslyn said...

Nice invites! I didn't get any leh, lost in mail maybe? :p Just joking! I hope she has lots of fun! Sigh! My BBQ not planned yet, wait till I get my house sorted.

Tsu Lin + + said...

*sooyin* : Yup! Time flies (I was waiting for this day since she was born...)

And I wished someone had told me about it, at least then I could've adjusted the colours more. Oh well.. We live and learn.

petite fleur : I bought the cards off the shelves but stuck some stickers I designed on it to make it more personalised.

And yes, such handy and trendy tip, isn't it (about the top as dress).

Roslyn : Hehe! You know how Royal Mail is (Actually they are pretty reliable. Dang, I can't blame the postal ppl). :P

BBQ - Don't worry about it.. get your stuff sorted out first. It's more important!!


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