Monday, 2 June 2008

Mealtime for SW : at 10 Months

We finally visited the Health Visitor again. I managed to push myself going there eventhough we have postponed this trip 5 times in the past, always with an excuse (oh, the weather is too chilly. Oh, she is having the sniffles. Oh, it's on THUR. Etc etc). We finally did it on 22 May 2008. And after not visiting for 7 months, ALOT has changed. For one, there is a new HV. Yayy! And she proves to be much better, doing what a HV is supposed to do - giving me advice is useful.

Even the lady who weighs the babies has changed. Pity, because the previous one was so much more efficient (younger, faster!). This one, she is older (I am not being preijudiced against older generation) but she seems to like complaining.

Anyway, Shean Wenn weighs 8.18kg at 47 weeks (10.5 Months). According to the charts, she has veered below her percentile line during her "younger" days (which was at 25 percentile). Now she is at the 11th percentile. The HV didn't mention anything about her being underweight so I am not too worried.

She did give me some good advice about SW's meals - That I should start giving her more lumpy and "family" food. She can almost eat what we adults eat (minus the salt, sugar and "spices").

So that day for lunch, I have cooked this for her :
Stir-Fry Chicken with Potatoes and Peas served with rice

This is definitely lumpy food. I actually added some hot water to the cooked rice to make it slightly more soft as she needs to adjust to this new kind of food. I also used Organic Petit Pois (small green peas) instead of the normal Garden Peas.

Her reaction : She finished 3 quarter of it - which is fine with me.

(Note : It's been 2 weeks since, and I have been giving her more stir-fried meat usually cooked with garlic/shallots and oregano. And serving it with porridge-consistency of vegetables with rice. She likes this better - ie it's got lumpy bits of meat but still has that "soft mush" consistency)

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Roslyn said...

Oh I remember it was much easier when Lavigne started to eat our food sans the seasoning. But Shean Wenn is quite advanced in that she can chew and swallow the meat. I blend the food up a little to make it easier to swallow. Happy cooking!


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