Monday, 30 June 2008

A tiger in our midst?

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One early morning, I was woken up by a growling, a growl similar to that of a tiger, perhaps?

"Grrrrr grrrr grrrrrr..", the growling persisted. Both my eyes wide opened (it must've been 630am), I turned to my left and found Shean Wenn, sandwiched between us practicing her tiger cub growling. The hubs and I both smiled.

SW has just acquired this new skill and must have been keen to perfect her mastery of it. I usually read to her her animal book - "Monkey (pointing to the picture of the monkey), monkey goes Hoohoohahaha", "Duck, ducky goes quack quack", "Doggy, doggy goes wooow woooow", and so on and so forth.

Then last week when MIL first arrived, she also read and taught her animal noises. The Tiger growl stuck! >

So now,

Us : "SW, What does a tiger do?"
SW : "Grrrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrr!"

Us : "SW, What does a bear do?"
SW : "Grrrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrr!"
... uhh, ok.

Us : "SW, What does a duck do?"
SW : "Grrrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrr!"

Us : "SW, What does a doggy do?"
SW : "Grrrrrrr grrrrr grrrrrrr!"


Saying that, she really has a good association with objects and parts of the body. For example, if you point to a picture of a fish on her book and ask her "What is this?" She will say "Fish". If you ask her where is her Pooh Bear (a soft toy bought by my cousin for SW), she will walk to Pooh Bear and grab him, sometimes passing Pooh Bear to us. If you open a book and ask her where is Elmo? She will point out Elmo to you. She can also identify parts of her body : Head, Nose, Toes.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Shean Wenn's Birthday Celebration : Part 3

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(The grounds of Leeds Castle, in the foreground is a lake where goose and ducks and other fowls roam freely; background is Leeds Castle itself)

The celebration continues … The grandparents found out from SIL’s friend about this place to visit, so on Monday 23 June, we all drove up to Kent to Leeds Castle (the name is misleading, Leeds Castle but not in Leeds?).

We hesitated at the entrance as the entrance fee is £15/person. We went in anyway, the £15 entrance fee is valid for one year which makes it somewhat reasonable. But really, we soon found out that it was all worth it.

Upon entering, we were greeted by lush greenery which we would find out really soon, that it stretches for MILES - a garden (probably a really understatement) which is so well-kept with all kinds of plants from wild flowers, to fragrant botanicals to colourful bulbs and a great habitat to peacocks (and peahens) and other captive breeds wandering and mingling with visitors. And the castle, is also a "living castle" ( a place “where people met and things happened”) - quite extraordinary. Let the pictures speak for itself!

(Shean Wenn finally get to see what a goose and duck are, coming alive from those in her books)

Shean Wenn was really excited and happy with her first encounter with the various types of ducks, geese and swans are, pointing happily when we asks her where is the swan!

We also let her roam around the big open space where she happily walked, tripped and got back up to continue her frolic around.

The castle ground is dotted with trees, waterways, lakes, moats and bridges.

According to their website, the castle "is set on two islands on the River Len in the heart of Kent."

Inside the castle : as it is a living castle, some rooms were not open to public as it might be used for conferences or banqueting.

All strollers have to be left outside in their pushchair-shed. So SW had to be carried along in the castle, we didn't let her walk around as we just zipped through their rooms quickly, stopping by to take photos occasionally. We love the layout and size of the castle as it was not too big for us to walk around (some places are so huge, you get bored after visiting a quarter of the place). And probably the best thing is, you can take photos ANYWHERE in the castle except in the chapel. I took full liberty of doing so.

(This photo was also taken for "Doing the Karen Cheng" group)

That photo taken when we were in one of the rooms in Leeds Castle - I love the imposing mirror, the grand chandelier, and the fact that I also got the hubs, MIL and baby SW (doing her own version of "Doing the Karen Cheng" in the mirror behind me) in the same photo is too cool!

(Courtyard with a water feature)

(I love the staircase leading to the 1st floor. It's all wooden)

(I love this photo of SW and her dad - so candid!)

After the castle, we had lunch in the nearby restaurant/pub. After that we took more walks on the grounds, admiring the swans, goose, ducks and basking in the sunshine!

(Careful not to step on any bird poo, SW!)

We then took a slow walk back to the car.... I observed that there were many people who took the liberty to lay out the picnic mats and their foldable deck-chairs within the castle ground having their own picnic or just chilling out enjoying the sunshine.

(A family of ducks chillaxing)

A nice family portrait at the end of the tour of the castle. It was taken in a room full of books (Library perhaps?). Gorgeous.

A proud peacock sent us off at the exit of the grounds. What a parade of colours!

What a great way to spend a sunny summer day - If we go back, I would definitely want to check out the "Maze, Grotto and Toddler's Play Area" and the high wire forest adventure. Thanks Angela for introducing this place!

If you have visited this place, please tell me all about it! Share.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Shean Wenn's Birthday Celebration : Part 2

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(Shean Wenn's pink classic #1 cake)

Meng and I organised Shean Wenn's birthday with a lunch on Sunday 22 June 2008 with family and close friends in our favourite chinese restaurant near our place - One which we frequent almost every weekend. Afterall, we chinese just love our food so we thought of getting people together to eat, drink (chinese tea, what did you expect) and be merry was a good way of celebrating our first born's first birthday!

Two weeks before the celebration, invitations were sent. We had about 2 tables of family and friends joining us (20 adults plus 2 babies, SW included).

I had half expected the day to be rainy, but it turned out to be pretty sunny and pleasant.

We had arranged with the restaurant (since we knew the manager) for a starters of dim sums (4 different variety) and then a full-on 8-course meal! A friend of mine commented to me "What? Are we having dinner for lunch?". Well, yes. We think it's quite appropriate to stuff friends. I wouldn't complain if I get fed good food. And it was indeed a pretty good meal.

(Ginormous Talbot Fish - Very FRESH!)


(With "Gu Gu Alicia" who came bearing not 1, not 2, but 3 pressies!)

In between lunch (we needed to pace our stomachs for the 8-course meal), the two babies (Shean Wenn and her friend Tobey) got re-acquainted and had a good time playing with each other, supervised by the parents, of course.

("My friend Tobey came for my birthday party too!")

Tobey seen helping SW out with her pressies.

After lunch, it was dessert and cake-cutting time. We bought SW's cake (in the shape of the number 1) from Patisserie Valerie with the Double Chocolate Dream filling with the decoration from their "Classic Pink" range.

(Tobey and parents all the way from Northdampton)

(With some of daddy's friends)

Her presents!
She can't wait to tear off the wrappers, and went inspecting every present while having her afternoon milk. This is what you call dedication!

Shean Wenn and her pressies

(Please tag your presents on my flickr page - click on this image to go there)

Read the chip-pea's account here

Monday, 23 June 2008

Shean Wenn's Birthday Celebration : Part 1

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A sneak peek of tomorrow's headlines (ok, so I posted this late :P)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Setting Boundaries

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As they are getting to the 1-year mark, they tend to want to learn and explore the world around them - one of it being asserting their "rights". Shean Wenn is no exception, and sometimes she tries to test her boundaries. We, as first time parents, try as much as possible to nurture her to become a well-mannered, balanced and happy baby - not to misbehave, but there is always a balance between spoiling them or hindering their growth process and the line can be quite grey - to me, personally, I think it's all about trial and error and since not all kids have the same attributes, we need to approach with care when it comes to "disciplining". Since I think it is not acceptable to have bad manners!


During the weekend, hubs did a wonderful job teaching her about PHYSICAL BOUNDARY. As we could not actually put a safety gate across the kitchen opening, and she will scream her lungs out if I try to put her in her playpen... the hubs has resorted to teaching Shean Wenn not to go into the kitchen. Sounds like a tall order? I thought it was pretty daunting, but the key is persistence, consistency and very clear instructions to her.

At first, when SW goes into the kitchen, the hubs will give a stern warning "No, daddy says cannot go into the kitchen. Now, come back out here" and he stands outside the kitchen waiting for her to come out. He won't leave till she does. Or, he will carry her out and put her outside and tell her she cannot go in. He repeated this perhaps 5 or 6 times that evening... and she kind of got it. I told him that it will work if he is around, but when he is at work, it will not work! She will definitely come in when I cook.


The next day, sans daddy. She came into the kitchen in the morning while I was making milk for her. I tried the same tactic. She refused to come out, and sat there for awhile. She even threw abit of tantrum! I ignored her pleas and cries.. and she lied down on the kitchen floor, tummy on floor, eyes looking at me. Defiance! I showed her the milk and asked her to come out. After awhile, she came out.

In the evenings, I tried the technique 3 or 4 times and she finally got it.


This morning, she was hesitating if she should/could step into the kitchen. No way, missy! She has learnt well. Let's hope this will last!

(Hmm, your hand is inside the no-go zone, missy!) ("Argh, I can't step in!")
(Somewhat frustrated that she can't come into the kitchen)

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Spot yours?

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Spot yours? Originally uploaded by Tsu Lin

Finally they are off!

I sent out this bunch of invitations to my baby daughter's First Birthday Bash on Wed and I hope they have made their way to our friends! These cards are pretty unique - as no card is similar to another. :D

(Do you spot yours amongst the bunch here?)

I had to wait for the Moo stickers to arrive and it took 6 working days from payment to the receipt of the pack at my postbox. Rushed to stick them on the invites and gosh, don't they look pretty good?

I love the effect although I must comment on the outcome (of the stickers) : The colour of the stickers were alot darker than it was on my screen! I know the colour WOULD vary from onscreen to printing, but as a comparison, even white became off-white with a tinge of orange on my stickers.

Here's a sneak peek inside

(Keep the date free!)

And look what I found when I checked my mail today?? A package from France!

(What came in a package from France? SW's birthday pressie)

A good friend of mine actually sent Shean Wenn her birthday gift all the way from across the sea. (Thanks Kym! Your card is beautiful) The top and the tight are meant for a 2 year old, but I have tried the top on SW and she fits, so she will be wearing the top as a dress! :) Will post photos when she wears it.

Monday, 9 June 2008

SW attends her friend's 1st Birthday

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It was Tobey's 1st Birthday party on Sunday. The weather, extremely glorious sunshine throughout the day. I think Tobey's mom could not ask for more! There was home-cooked food and SW's daddy's favourite bit - BBQ!

Shean Wenn enjoying herself outdoors, and yes, with barenaked feet. As she has outgrown all her "baby shoes", we bought a new pair for her last weekend which is for walking. One day while out with me, she must've kicked it off while I was shopping. So she lost her brand-new shoes. We will search for another one for her next weekend. (We can't allow her to be a walking around with no shoes, can we?)

(SW obviously loving the texture of the grass and enjoying the great outdoors!)

And yes, she can walk now. My little girl started to walk since last week. She loves her new found skills and have been diligently practising whenever she has the chance!

(She having a go during Tobey's opening of pressie)

With daddy and mummy at Tobey's house. Look at the balloons... so colourful and happy.

("Mummy, when is it my turn to have a party with lots of presents??")

Answer : In 2 week's time, darling!
To our dear friends, please look out for the invites in your post.


After the party, we had a dinner appointment at Patrick's luxury apartment. He was cooking for us. We arrived slightly past 6.40pm and was led into the living room by Mrs Patrick. Shean Wenn could not contain her excitement! She was pottering about the room as though she owns the place. She squeeled a few times in delight. I guess she really likes the big spacious hall (his hall is probably more than twice the size of ours!).

Dinner was fabulous and we couldnt wait to get to use the swimming pool next time - Teeheehee!

(This weekend has been great! We had meals at friends' place 3 out of 4 meals. I can get used to this)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Little Miss Yoga (Instructor)

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From the studio of Yoga-mistress Shean Wenn : doing The Sun Salutation

1. Start with this "praying" position (the rest of the Yoga World calls this the "Stick" pose).

2. Then, with a strong push : Exhale, lift from the hips and push back and up! The "Downward Dog".

3. Don't forget to smile!

Credits : For proper instuctions, please go to this site.


The past couple of weeks, she has found a new hobby. She does this everytime during nappy-changing time which is exasperating for us nappy-changers. Halfway through a nappy change, she would run away and do one of this Yoga poses and we would have to chase her down to finish the job! But once in her nappy, and she doing this, I find it just too cute. I love it when you run your fingers (like a spider) and "catch" her nose with them (your fingers).. and she would just burst out laughing....

(Part of the "Little Miss..." series)

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