Monday, 26 May 2008

Spending time with daddy : Driving

Part of the "Spending time with Daddy" series. Taken on 16 May 2008 (Sunny Spring day)

She is definitely the apple of his eyes. I was forbade to drive the precious car unless I get my British Driver's Licence. But that sunny morning, barely 11 months old, he happily led her on the driver's seat (albeit with some lap support) . She, in between giggles, manoeuvred the steering wheel as though she is driving in KL*. You then, wouldn't blame me for speculating what she would say to him 17 years from now (or whatever the legal age is for driving).

* Driving on the roads of KL - insider's joke. If you have visited KL, you would get it (and perhaps nod your head in agreement).

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