Monday, 26 May 2008

Milestone : Walking

She is still cruising, but she cruises pretty well. Getting from one place to another very fast and effective with the assistance of furniture around. At best, she takes a few steps - slow steps, but defnitely taking steps independantly. Occasionally, she falls down, and sometimes without tears, she climbs back up and on her toes again.

Last week, I had an appointment in the city and the appointment involved some waiting time. (half hours, twice. Waste of my time, and it was near lunch time. HUNGER PANGS) Shean Wenn spent an hour sleeping in her stroller, oblivious to the hustle and bustle around her (it was a busy office). When she woke up, she was in a jolly mood.

Here is she using the stroller as a "Walker". I think it is time that we get her a proper walker. I had my eyes on a walker-cum-rider, at least to me, it gives more value because once they passed the "Walking" stage, they can use the walker as a vehicle and ride around the house.

I really like this Fisher Price Laugh and Learn, Walk and Drive "Car". But it's quite impossible to find it in the retail stores.

The other one is this, which is the FP Stride to Ride walker which I spied in Wollies selling for £20 (cheap, normal RSP is around £27.79-29.99).

Now, the difficult bit is actually convincing the hubs that we need this. He has lamented many times that our apartment is too small for another toy!


Melissa said...

Good job, Shean Wenn!
I think the sweetie-pie deserves a new toy =)

Roslyn said...

She looks so cute in that outfit!


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