Friday, 9 May 2008

10.5 Months Old

Words recognition (expanded to now include the following):
1. "Twinkle twinkle little stars" (sing to the tune of "twinkle twinkle little star") - Shean Wenn will make the gesture of "twinkling stars" with both her hands and fingers when you sing her the song. VERY CUTE!

2. "Clap your hands" - usually she needs to be prompted by the song "Happy and you know it" to get her clapping happily. Sometimes I put on the CD with that song and she'll listen and wait till the part where they say "clap your hands" before she claps!

3. Duckie - I bought a bath time duck for her (not a rubber duck, but one with winding). When you wind the duck, the legs will kick thus creating some excitement in the bathtub for her. She likes to bite on its legs though(she is teething).

4. Elmo - We bought her a "tickle me Elmo" (Watch this video of it in action here - not my video, just something to show you) last year. When she was 4 months old, I showed it to her and she got scared of Elmo. NOW, now she laughs along, tries to pinch his nose, scratch his eyes, and always pushing him down (she's SO excited!). Once she even sat on him and he started laughing and she laughed along, wondering where did the laughter come from?! She loves watching Elmo laugh and she is happy to see him too.

Teeth : You can now see 2 incisors emerging from her gums (bottom). Slow and steady, these two!

Please, teething problems, away you go! Shooooooh!

As I was having my lunch, Shean Wenn was playing with her toys. Then she went into her playpen (I usually leave the gate open) and when she saw Elmo, she was so happy she started waving at him (I know I know.. she thinks Elmo is "real") and started to take a few steps towards it - 4 steps with NO SUPPORT! I am a proud mommy, me. 9th May is the day she took her first steps. Well i know she needs more time to practice before she can become truly independent in her steps, but this is a big milestone for her (me). **hugs self**


Roslyn said...

Yay! She's going to be walking on her own soon! More fun times ahead!

Praveen said...

Congrats on the milestone!

mom2ashley said...

aidan is just cruising now... argh and he had his first fall off the bed last night! argh!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Roslyn and Praveen : Thanks!

mom2ashley : Oh no!! **Heartache** Did he get a bump on his head? SW has fallen twice from a bed... Hope Aidan has recovered. How did it happen?

cglow said...

getting really cute coming to 1 !

Majeak Ann said...

Thanks Tsu Lin for your kind words! You have a very happy blog, your baby is gorgeous!!
Take care.


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