Wednesday, 2 April 2008

When mommy says NO.

For weeks now she's been practicing standing without support. Sometimes she holds onto something before releasing her grips and she then "free-stands" for a few seconds. The longest I think was 5 seconds. Short time for us adults, but for her, it's a great feat - And I'm proud of her.

(She wasn't holding on to anything on her right hand, and was trying to balance herself without support)

"Why...", you then ask, "is Shean Wenn not wearing long pants in cold spring (18 celcius in the room)?"

Well, I'll tell you, it is because this little girl was so naughty! Just 10minutes before that, I put her in her cot with a tub of her nappy rash healing cream to play (she was drumming it)... and went to the bathroom to clean up after her bath. Yes, she had just taken her bath - all clean and yummy smelling. And when I came out - horrors! Look what I found? And she didn't find it horrofying at all even when I gasped and told her in my sternest voice (while trying to hide my amusement) that "She should not do that! NO!"

"What did you just say mom?"

And yes, I had to wipe all the remnants of the cream off the cot and the floor!


Roslyn said...

OOoooh! I had the same experience except with powder. You feel annoyed when you'd just washed them but amused at the same time right?

I'm nocturnal. Function better at night. Beside, I love the quiet and peace, no disturbance. I used to sleep even later but because that night was the day before my checkup, I couldn't sleep so stayed up.

Btw, are you a working mum?

Tsu Lin + + said...

Roslyn : Looks like there're 2 of us! I'm a nocturnal too. But my daughter is not - she demands to be played with and fed by 7.30am (she wakes up at 6.30am).

I'm a SAHM.

Anonymous said...

Yicks! But look at her oh-so-innocent-face, so cute. SL gives me the same look too, everytime he has been up to no good.


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