Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The story about SW and her cot

Story of SW and her cot, originally uploaded by Tsu Lin.

She has a love-hate relationship with her cot, this girl. She absolutely hates being in it... but sometimes in the mornings, after daddy has played with her and then he will place her in her cot while he takes a shower, the little girl will sit in it playing with her toys waiting for daddy.

She is still not trained to fall asleep on her own, in her cot. Bedtime usually follows a routine of me lying next to her on our bed while she rolls about until she falls asleep. Depending on my luck, this process can take as long as a short 5minues, to a painful 45minutes. I know it's time to train her, but my girl has a strong set of lungs and her screams send me cowering! I abandoned the training many a times. I think I am letting her having it her way, for now.

Two weekends ago, we popped by Ikea to get her a duvet and duvet cover - I chose this animal print (Barnslig Dans) as her duvet cover, mainly because it is such a happy-looking cover, plus also she likes animals. She does enjoy looking at the animals, I've noticed! So yayy, hopefully this will encourage her to stay in her cot, quietly (Shhhhhhh....). **Wishful thinking, I know**


Melissa said...

Nice layout, Tsu Lin! Issit all digital?

I don't have patience for digital scrapbooking (very dense when it comes to photoshop :P) - I do my scrapbooks manually (scissors, glue, paper,etc. - it can be quite expensive!)

Shean Wenn is standing! She looks steady and confident.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thanks Melissa : Yes, all digital.

Yes, I know manual scrapbook can be so expensive! Which was why I chose to do this digitally instead :P Maybe one day you can teach me how to do manual ones.....

Show me yours!

Yeah, she can stand since some months ago. Her next milestone is taking her first steps! (can't wait)

Praveen said...

Nice work with the hybrid scrap(page).

Growing up seems like so much fun when it's on a scrapbook!

Anonymous said...

aidan doesn't sleep in his cot anymore! it's now used as a barrier beside our bed - so that he wont fall off the bed! he needs so much of space to roll about in the middle of the night!it's amazing how much space he is taking up for a baby...


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