Saturday, 5 April 2008

Little Ms Potter

This is what she does when I let her "roam" around the apartment freely....

Sometimes, she sneaks off to the kitchen to "inspect" what kind of food goes into her porridge (Clearly, she likes them potatoes Organic)

Pigeon-Poo watching : As most of you may know, London is notorious for pigeons (her dad says they are "rats in wings") . These pigeons somehow love to hang out above our balcony and create a mess on the balcony. Shean Wenn is looking out of the window trying to scare them away!

When she's bored doing that, she tries her hand in figuring out how the remote works - ah, they use batteries to operate this!

And when she thinks I'm not looking, she goes into the bathroom looking for stuff.

Sometimes she tags along while I put back laundry. Here she is trying to be helpful by re-arranging and re-folding the clothes. Thank you, dear! More work for me!!

Rummaging through the toy basket under her highchair.

"Oops, hi mom! What are you doing here?", she grins. This is her "I'm-up-to-no-good" cheeky grin.

Winding down : read a book.

Finally... she goes to sleep - exhausted and contented after her afternoon milk! And look at the trail of mess caused by Little Ms Potter! It's time for me to clean up.


Praveen said...

Do you make your daughter model for your shots? Hah Hah, it looks like she's destined for stardom.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Praveen : At this age, I can't "make" her model for my shoots anymore. You would've noticed how most of her photos now have alot of "movements"in them!

And yeah (beams!), thanks! (I think so too ;))

chip-pea said...

The pic with her sleeping right beside her empty milk bottle says it all...big girl already!

Tsu Lin + + said...

chip-pea : Teeheehee.... she is a big girl now. *beams with pride* Can't wait for her to grow up!

mom2ashley said...

you really can't wait for her to grow up? When she is all grown - you'd say the opposite!:)

Tsu Lin + + said...

mom2ashley : Well, perhaps I will miss her baby-ness. But I can look at photos, I guess.

Since she was born, I kept telling myself "I can't wait till you are 9 months old". And now that she is, I am very happy! (...and then set a new target)


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