Monday, 14 April 2008

Little geeks

Shean Wenn meets with Tobey again. This time, for a week.

This evening, Tobey's dad decided to pop into the shop to get this for him. Tobey is a gracious host and decides to share his toy laptop with Shean Wenn.

Tobey : "Ok Shean Wenn, I let you type on my spanking new laptop. Go ahead!"
SW : "Ok Tobey. Thanks"

Tobey : "Shean Wenn, can you please let me have a go at it as well?"
SW : "No Tobey, you can use the mouse"

Tobey : "Uhh, Shean Wenn.. you have been typing for a long time....."
SW : *busy typing*

Tobey : "Give it back to me .. or else ......"
SW : "Hey!"

Tobey : "Gee, I have been relegated to using this laptop instead (it has way far too little keys. Where is the QWERTY keyboard?)?"

SW :" Teeheehee.... all to myself!"

Tobey spotted the REAL adult laptop! Smart boy...

After their dinners : There they go again..... just can't get enough of it!!


KC Tan said...

Smart Babies. Both of them are so cute. It is fun watching babies interact. Mmm... I wonder what happened to sw's nose ?!?!

Roslyn said...

Tech-savvy babies! Cuteeeeee!

Praveen said...

Smart geeks. Are you both in MK for a whole week? A warm hello to Tobey and his parents too!

mumbojumbo said...

whoa cool....sw already has her own lappy eh...

Tsu Lin + + said...

KC Tan :You are indeed sharp! Her nose - she fell down and scraped the carpet so that is why her nose had a small red patch there. :(

Roslyn : thanks!

Praveen : Not MK, N'ton-la!

mumbojumbo : Hehe, Shean Wenn's laptop is the colourful one (without the QWERTY keyboard). The one with QWERTY keyboard (ie, more "realistic") belongs to Tobey :) But we are contemplating to buying one for her soon.

KC Tan said...

Oh.. Sorry to hear that. In fact, Yong Shuan fell as well last week and hit on his nose. *Heartache*

Anonymous said...

sooooooooo... cute!


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