Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Our new fridge went emo (translated : spoilt) on us last week. NEW here means it's less than 2 years old - infact, I think it's 1 year and a couple of months old. The hubs duly called up Hoover to ask about repairs. The parts are under warranty but the labour was to cost us £98! (The hubs would make remarks such as "Can't YOU fix the fridge since you've got an Engineering Degree?!") The fridge, I was told, costs £300+. Are they allowed to be spoilt so soon??

The engineer came in 2 days later, inspected it, and within 2 minutes diagnosed the problem as a faulty compressor. We will have to wait up to 5 working day (the most, he told me) for the part to come before someone will come again to install it. So, for the last week, we had to throw away ALL the food in the freezer and chiller, amongst it : frozen roti prata (canai to us M'sians), pork, chicken, our frozen oven food, ICE CREAM, vegetables in the chiller, butter, etc.

All is not lost, we did manage to salvage some of the food though : some vegie, yakitori, vegetarian chicken, tofu-balls, a pack of chicken and the frozen prawns. I had salvaged them by cooking a meal (ok, it gave us TWO meals *burp*) with all the ingredients listed.

The Char Hor Fun (I used "meehoon" instead of "hor fun") with massive ingredients, spot what is out of place here? (Hint : "Cube")

So, this week (lucky me) I did not need to cook dinner, only making rice and some vegetable dish - hubs will get some takeaway on his way back from work for our dinner.

As for grocery shopping last weekend, we filled our shopping trolley with canned food, canned soup (for my lunches), bottled baby food, carrots and some fruits. People must be wondering how unhealthy this little family is! And, how do we store carrots? Well, we bought a mini-fridge from Argos (4-litre capacity, TINY!) for £12.99 with the aim of storing "some food". I stash our bag of carrots in it and it was filled up - no more room for anything else. At least now we get to eat fresh carrots, huh?

(Shean Wenn checking out the new fridge)

Lesson of the week : Hoover is not known for their fridges (and now we know why).


KC Tan said...

Oh.. No.. I just experienced that weeks ago. The sad thing was after I cook all the food, both of us cant finish the portion and fridge not working anymore to store the left over.. :(

Lesson for me : I will now on buy one week food storage and that's all since the market is not far away from my place.

Praveen said...

Engineers make fridges, they don't fix them. If we did, electricians (or fridge men as they are known here) would be out of a job. Thankfully, I'm a pseudo-marketeer (for now).

Hope you get your fridge back before your place overflows with carrots!

Tsu Lin + + said...

@ KC : You mean you buy more than a week's worth of groceries??? Wow, you must have a very big fridge!

@ Praveen : Well said! NOW, you're a marketeer alright (not pseudo)! (FRIDGE MEN? I'm sure they don't just specialise in fixing fridges? ... or do they?)

Praveen said...

They're Fridge Men unless you know their names, hah hah! My mom has a regular fridge man that she calls for help. My friends in Singapore stored their fridge man in their phone's address book as "FRIDGE MAN". It's a professions, just like the roti man, newspaper man, newspaper lama man, etc.

If you were to append "man" behind your profession, what would it be? OMG, one blog post coming right up!

Say hi to the rest of the family!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Praveen : Noted. How true.

I would have still be known as a Space MAN, or Cat(egory) Man previously. Now, my title would have been a MAIDMAN.

What about yours, a Marketing Man? (Man who goes to the market to do some marketing, holding a marketing basket? **chuckle** (ok, bad joke. I ran out of jokes)

chip-pea said...

I can't see the meehoon...it looks more like a delish chicken dish to me..kekeke

mumbojumbo said...

the mini fridge looks cute! would be ideal for my home office!


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