Saturday, 12 April 2008

Awesome Blossom!

Actually, what's so awesome is the "action" tools that I discovered just now which enabled me to create this great 3D Collage effect from a single landscape photo. Credits to (get your free downloads there).

My photo taken in Oct 2006 (Honeymoon in Korea)with slight tweaking with photoshop. Photo credits to the hubs.

(Tomorrow I shall be blogging from another place. Teehee... more updates in a few days's time)


KC Tan said...

Wow. Tsu lin.. thanks for the sharing. Cant wait to try that. It is magnificent... Nice shot .

Praveen said...

Someone's having fun!

KC Tan said...

Tsu Lin, would you have the tools from It was because by the time I am free to have a hand on these, it was no longer "FREE".. Too bad.. Also would really love to contact with you via email on all these. Kindly shoot me your email if you dun mind to khangching@gmail[dot]com


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