Thursday, 10 April 2008

9 Months 2 Weeks Old in photographs

Her developments the last 2 weeks have kind of plateau off. That only means she is reinforcing her current skills, in my opinion. She is still learning to stand, and still is hard at practice doing that.

Words recognition :

Since a month ago, she has been able to recognise or identify objects with what I say. It was quite a pleasant surprise when one day, while "filming" her (on the videocam) as she was pulling to stand in her playpen I had said "Where's monkey monkey?" (referring to her toy monkey which makes the sound "Hoohoo hahaha" when you press its tummy) - she, my little 8 and a half month old baby, turned around and looked for it and then crawled towards the monkey and grabbed it to play. Yes, I thought it was just a coincident. But I tested it a few more times that day and indeed she does recognise the word "Monkey"!

Another word she recognises (just today) is the word "Bear". If I put bear and monkey next to each other and say to her to get whichever one, she will choose the right one.

Reading :

She still likes to read! She is seen here trying to reach down to read the "electronic book" (ok, I think it's called an "interactive" book).

Hehe! Here being her cheeky self again - I hope she doesn't grow up to say that to me, of course!!


Praveen said...

Captions on the photos look cool. You're a pro lah!

Tsu Yen said...

She look too cute in her hoodie! She also have to bring her remote control with her!

KC Tan said...

Wow, tremendous recognition development. Well done for mummy & SW.

mumbojumbo said...

oh just about 2 weeks ago, my lil taukeh also started to recognise stuff I ask him to point to.....great eh?


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