Monday, 24 March 2008

She's 9 Months Old!

June 24th 2007 was 9 months ago... how time flies! Seems just only a week ago that I was in labour pain and trying to push her out of my system :) (And what a long labour it has been!)

(Shean Wenn and I at home)


("Mommy, where are you bringing my food?")

She develops at a rate where I am trying to keep up. One day she loves reading, the next she just wants to babble and listen to me talk.

These days, her vocab consists of bababababa/dadada, mamama, mom-mom-mom-mom (eating), ter-ter-ter-ter, sher-sher-sher, etc etc.

I've noticed that she makes meaningful speech, although when I told this to Meng and Sis-in-law (SIL) Alicia, they dismissed it as she's just making "noise". Buy I really firmly believe that Shean Wenn does understand what she is saying.

For example : In the mornings (usually at 730am, yes, on the dot) she will cry her lungs out from her playpen (I put her out to play when she wakes up at 7-ish) crying "Mom-mom-mom-mom". To me, this indicates that she wants her milk. And I don't notice her saying mom-mom during other times besides meal-times. She will also say this during dinner time when she sees that I am bringing out her dinner.

Another example : She will call out to her dad when she sees him or hears him. When hubs calls out to her, she may even turn towards him calling out "dadadada/babababa".

Well, it could well be coincidence, but as her mom, I truly believe she is making meaningful speech here. Maybe this is what is known as "selective believing"!!


Her curiosity is still bountiful! Just this morning, as I sat eating my very wholesome breakfast of sliced banana with cereals (at ground level), she came crawling and upon reaching me, held up onto my legs and stood up. She peaked into my bowl, at the same time licking her lips, and kept trying to bump her lips onto my bowl - trying to get a taste of what mommy is eating! I said "No, Shean Wenn, this is not your breakfast, you just had milk." She persisted. She put her mouth on my bowl, trying to sip my cereal & milk. How am I to finish my food like this? I hurriedly ate and made some baby cereal (oat cereals and avocado) for her.


Looks like my little girl may just need her very own laptop soon (She does have a toy one, present from her grandparents). Look at how adept she is using the mouse and keyboard.

(Her favourite key on the keyboard is the spacebar)


Praveen said...

SW's gonna need her own blog soon!

zewt said...

i wonder when i will have to go through his :).... have to tell jules to read here :P

Tsu Lin + + said...

@ Praveen : Haha... well, since you bulk-buy domain names, you could give a birthday present to her when she can finally type proper words and sentences. Life through the eyes of a toddler!

@Zewt : :) It's all about planning (or not :P). You can still have a Mouse-y baby...
Just be prepared for all the sleepless nights and diaper changing.

mom2ashley said...

so fast 9 months old already. are you still on maternity leave?


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