Friday, 7 March 2008

Photojournal : 7-8Months

The hoodie fashionista enjoying the day out with mommy and daddy.

We went for lunch with a couple of our friends, and at the restaurant, Shean Wenn charmed some "uncles and aunties" at the next table. But she was still mistaken for a boy by one of the uncles... until one of the aunties told him, rather obviously that "The baby is a girl! She has a skirt on!", in cantonese (they were from Hong Kong, from their speech).

Weather this week has been chilly! Too chilly for spring (due to Arctic winds blowing across the UK). But yesterday, yesterday there was a break in the chilly weather and instead the temperature "soared" to 13 degrees celcius. I decided to bring her for a stroll around the neighbourhood. When she's out of the house, she gets quieter. Maybe she was lulled by the chilly winds (it was still pretty windy when we went down), but she was quiet and seems to be in a pensive mood throughout our 15minutes walk.

(who's that peeking out from SW's outerwear?)

Why, it's "Mr Owl" - I am still quite smug that I managed to find this set of pyjamas at Gap for £5!

The Fashionista ala Sarah Jessica Parker.

("Mis-match is so matching! :P")

We bought a playpen for her last week and filled it with toys so that she will settle down to play in it. She has been doing well. Sometimes she will sit in her playpen (which can convert into a safety gate if you so choose) for half hour to an hour, playing or reading. One of her favourite activity is reading. So far, she has 2 favourite books - "Baby Senses" by Dr Miriam Stoppard and "Baby's first Animals" printed by Hinkler Books.

Both books are gifts from friends.

In "Baby Senses", when I turn over a page and says "Fluffy fluffy, Shean Wenn, where's fluffy fluffy?", she will reach out and "feel" the teddy's fur. There is one where I'll say "Touch the crinkly brick, SW... Crinkle crinkle", she will reach out to scratch the touch-and-feel patch.

These books highly stimulate her senses and is so important for her brain development.

(Shean Wenn reading "Baby Senses")

(Behind bars)

Note : All photos taken by my Sony Ericsson cameraphone.


chip-pea said...

I simply love her SJP skirt!!! Suits her so much!!! You should get more of those...and she's grown so tall already...can't wait to see her again.

Praveen said...

Ah, sweet photo collection! And your scrapbooking skills are superb. Do you work on these with Photoshop? Anything else?

Tsu Lin + + said...

ML : Yes yes, she's got another similar skirt like that - all courtesy of her aunt, my SIL. When are we meeting up again?!

Praveen : Thanks :)

Yes, photoshop for co-ordinating the bits and pieces, but mainly, I use what they call "kits" (ie, background, borders and frames, embelishments, alphabets/numbers) to assemble my masterpieces (ahem!). I usually will put a "Credit" to where I get my kit, I forgot here. Oops. Will update duly.

mom2ashley said...

i got a feeling that playpen wont last long ....heheheeh
5 pounds for the PJs??? what a bargain eh?


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