Sunday, 23 March 2008

March = Spring = March


(Shean Wenn @ 8 Months 4 Weeks old)

Spring is the start of something new. And some regard the first day of March as springtime, hence March is also a time of change.

For me, March has been a thoroughly busy month, eventhough I'm just halfway there. Made a leap into the unknown and slowly learning to thread in the new territory. For the past 2 weeks, I have been learning new things, and developments - some have been fast, some just so slow. Many a times, I see myself (not literally, thankfully) bumping into a brick wall. But thankfully, there's a good partner to balance it out. She - fast and furious, trying to "steamroll" and move things along (it's a good thing usually!). Me, slow and steady and weighing the pros and cons, and ups and downs, many times. Scenarios playing in my head - should it be done like this, what if we do it this way instead? Would the outcome be more favourable? I do not know. There are no answers yet! Well, they say Rome ain't built in a day. And to succeed, we need to really research and find out.

Although scary and challenging, it's also been really (and I use this word loosely)exciting!

And the past week, with Meng working late and only reaching home at 11pm, it also means dinner and my bath being scheduled around SW. I have dinner at odd hours, sometimes after her bedtime (830pm). After baby's tucked into bed and I finished up the household chores (washing up, cleaning the house), I have had more time to "think" and plan better. But still, the effects of waking up early - Shean Wenn "demands" to be let out and be given her milk at 730am, no later - usually takes its toll at midnight. So my days have been 7am-12midnight, taking care of Shean Wenn, the house. I'm past tired now.

Well, good thing is, it's Easter long weekend. Weather's going to be crappy though,which usually means we stay in, or spend time indoors.

On Good Friday, the weather looks extremely well despite the weather report saying it's cold and chilly - in the morning, the sun was shining oh-so brightly.. so we decided to go to the park, get some nice fresh air! But the sun played hide-and-seek with us, when we reached Thames Barrier Park, it was cold, gloomy, extremely windy and the wind factor caused me to shiver in my jacket!

Shean Wenn sitting in her new car seat, what a big girl she is now

At the Thames Barrier Park - too cold to walk around so we headed back after walking one round at the park. Brrrrrr!

We then drove off and went to our favourite shopping mall for tea. As you can see, Shean Wenn has really grown. She is a big girl now and chooses to sit on her very own chair (it's leather seat too, good choice, dear!).

Big girl now, she sits on her very own (leather) chair.

Today, the weather continues to be cold, chilly and wet (it even had a mini hailstorm in the evening). We decided to go indoors - to the mall. Bluewater it is.

When we were in Melbourne, she can be quite a handful when going out - always needing to be carried and especially during mealtimes, she will want our attention. I dreaded to bring her out when we return to London. But thankfully she has been pretty well-behaved most of the time. In restaurants, she will sit in her own highchair while we eat, only fussing if the meal has dragged on for more than 45minutes or so. So it is still quite a good 45 minutes of enjoyable dining without needing to carry her. I'm pleased. I guess it's also partly that she enjoys feeling that she is "one of the adults" - having her own chair and sitting at above-table level looking at us enjoying our meals.

Bringing her out is also quite fuss-less. She can sit in her stroller for a good number of time before fussing.

As you can see, she is having alot of fun at Bluewater today.

Out with mommy

While her parents are having drinks at Costa...

Counting her fingers..

Defnitely daddy's girl : "Daddy, please carry me"

After Bluewater, we headed back to nearer home and stopped by at Tesco to grab a few things. We put her on a shopping trolley. The whole time while shopping, she did not fuss!! A far cry from when we put her in her own stroller. As usual, her "inquisitiveness" shows - wanting to touch and pull at everything that comes across her path.

Daddy's girl : "Daddy, please buy this for me, pretty please??"

More on her development this month on my next post!

HAPPY EASTER to those who celebrate!

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Praveen said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder that Q1 is ending soon =)

Your blog serves as a great exhibit of SW's growth. I guess you know what I'm getting you for your birthday =)

Oh, and how long does it take you to write these long posts? You work hard at everything!


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