Friday, 14 March 2008

8 Months Updates

Standing (supported)

Although she still needs support standing up, she has also been busy practising standing without support. Sometimes, I will be on my laptop, back facing her and when I turn back, I see her standing, clasping something in BOTH her hands, WITHOUT clinging on to the bars of her playpen. And of course when she knows I'm watching her, she gets excited and tries to do so many things : laughs, shakes with excitement and trying to show me what's in her hands.... that she will fall on her bum! Well, 2 seconds of free-standing. I sometimes feel such immense pride watching her growing and developing into such a cute and cheerful baby!

I have not managed to caught this act on camera, but here are some of her "chilling" while standing...

(..before releasing her shoulders, free-standing for 2 seconds and falling down).


She is also a very curious baby. I have often found hub's hankerchief, inner wear-things in her playpen. How did it end up there? Well, one day I turned around from working on the laptop to find her reaching out to the laundry that were left to dry near her playpen!

("I need to help mommy out with household chores. Lemme help her fold daddy's clothes")


So I have mentioned this before : we do not bother going back to the Health Visitor.

In UK, Health Visitors (HV) are like health advisors who has the knowledge and ability to support parents with newborn. They take note of your baby's wellbeing, eating habits and will discuss with you if you have any issues with taking care of your baby. UNFORTUNATELY for us, we have an absolutely lousy one.

(the page of SW's Health Record where the HV signs after her "pep-talk" with me about SW)

Look under the column "Name or Initials" - Do you even blame me??? I often wonder why does she signs off like that? Can someone translate her name/signature? It certainly seems to me that it is spelt as "Nude As." If I am not mistaken, her name is Christine. I dunno, I could be wrong.


Melissa said...

I like the third photo of SW - reaching out for the clothes when right behind her, she's got tonnes of toys to play with in her pen!

And you are right, it reads 'NUDE AS.' How odd!

Tsu Lin said...

@Melissa: Yes, she sometimes gets curious about the ther stuff she's not supposed to play with. ESPECIALLY those that I specifically said "NO!" to her.

Odd indeed. She's a horrible HV!

mom2ashley said...

looks like nude as to me!

zewt said...

you're definitely waiting for the first "mommy" right.... :)


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