Friday, 22 February 2008

Reasons why I like HSBC

Well, actually only ONE REASON :

Sony DSC T2

Back in December, I used my HSBC Credit Card for some purchases in one of the shopping malls. And they were having promotions and prize draw when you use the card to purchase anything above RM50.

Last week, I got a call from them saying I had won something. I waited for it in the mail. Today, my brother told me that I had won that - The Sony DSC T2. I'm so happy! Never won something like this before.

I'm looking to sell it though since we already have a camera here. Don't need so many in one family of 3, right?

So to Prav and Mel, forget SCB. Make the switch. :P


Praveen said...

Congrats on the win! I am now very eager to try HSBC, for obvious reasons.

KC Tan said...

Congratulation ! Sad to say I m just about to cancel my HSBC card. Perhaps I should hold on n give them a try again. :)

Carrot said...

ooooh congrats!

Melissa said...

Oooh lucky you!

'A said...

heyy, i was just wondering how's ur sony t2 working in the cold, or winter. am desperate to know how was it :)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thanks for stopping by, ASHY.

I wouldn't know how it works because I sold it off! However, we are using the Sony DSC V1 and it's pretty good. Winter or not, the pictures come out consistent.

Are you planning to get this?


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