Saturday, 23 February 2008

7 Months

Credits : Gunhild N Svennings (frames), FeiFei , lliella, ShabbyPrincess

About the photo : I had attempted to capture a nice photo of her feet for the longest time (since she was born) but never succeeded. While back in KL and armed with my family's point and shoot camera, I managed to achieve this - also thanks to Shean Wenn co-operating and being a great feet model!

(24 Jan - 23 Feb 2008)


At 7-months, Shean Wenn can :

* Crawl proper (instead of combat-crawling like she used to), 5 days short of her 8th month birthday.

* Move her body from side-to-side when she hears music! Kinda like "dancing".

* Just loves pulling herself to stand at EVERY available chance. Must keep an eye on her else she'll use the rocker/toy/bags as a "stand" to stand. She has not learn the art of "sitting down from standing position" yet, which is why everytime she tires herself after standing for 30-40mins, she'll cry for me to help her out. :P

"See? I can stand now!"

* Eats a full Avent cup of food every meal (twice a day).

* Still has no teeth although she is teething soon. But I do love her without teeth, she just looks too adorable.

Isn't she just adorable without any tooth?

Things she likes :

* Sucking oranges

* Eating mashed avocadoes

* Animals - she smiles/laughs/shrills when she watches and sees her favourite animals come onscreen. But lately I noticed she gets scared if she sees and hears a cow "moo" - she will cry and turn towards me to comfort her.

Height : About 63cm
Weight : Roughly about 7.8kg (we never did go back to the Health Visitor to check her weight and development anymore)

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i like the feet pic. cute!


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