Friday, 29 February 2008

Happy Leap Day!

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So what's the significance of 29 Feb? Well, nothing to me (Except that it's exactly ONE month to my birthday). But I remember once my passport was renewed on this date and because leap year is once every 4 years, I felt slightly "shortchanged" that my passport's expiry is on 28 Feb five years after.

Does 29th Feb hold any significance to you?

(Is this what happens if I have twins?)

And here is what my little baldie (but beautiful) Shean Wenn has been up to. I sometimes leave her "roaming" in the room while I attend to some work, she will be attracted to her own image and crawl up to the mirror and stand and "communicate" with the "other baby". She even kissed her reflection a few times! How does she even know how to kiss?? *Tssk Tsskkk*

Saturday, 23 February 2008

7 Months

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Credits : Gunhild N Svennings (frames), FeiFei , lliella, ShabbyPrincess

About the photo : I had attempted to capture a nice photo of her feet for the longest time (since she was born) but never succeeded. While back in KL and armed with my family's point and shoot camera, I managed to achieve this - also thanks to Shean Wenn co-operating and being a great feet model!

(24 Jan - 23 Feb 2008)


At 7-months, Shean Wenn can :

* Crawl proper (instead of combat-crawling like she used to), 5 days short of her 8th month birthday.

* Move her body from side-to-side when she hears music! Kinda like "dancing".

* Just loves pulling herself to stand at EVERY available chance. Must keep an eye on her else she'll use the rocker/toy/bags as a "stand" to stand. She has not learn the art of "sitting down from standing position" yet, which is why everytime she tires herself after standing for 30-40mins, she'll cry for me to help her out. :P

"See? I can stand now!"

* Eats a full Avent cup of food every meal (twice a day).

* Still has no teeth although she is teething soon. But I do love her without teeth, she just looks too adorable.

Isn't she just adorable without any tooth?

Things she likes :

* Sucking oranges

* Eating mashed avocadoes

* Animals - she smiles/laughs/shrills when she watches and sees her favourite animals come onscreen. But lately I noticed she gets scared if she sees and hears a cow "moo" - she will cry and turn towards me to comfort her.

Height : About 63cm
Weight : Roughly about 7.8kg (we never did go back to the Health Visitor to check her weight and development anymore)

Friday, 22 February 2008

Reasons why I like HSBC

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Well, actually only ONE REASON :

Sony DSC T2

Back in December, I used my HSBC Credit Card for some purchases in one of the shopping malls. And they were having promotions and prize draw when you use the card to purchase anything above RM50.

Last week, I got a call from them saying I had won something. I waited for it in the mail. Today, my brother told me that I had won that - The Sony DSC T2. I'm so happy! Never won something like this before.

I'm looking to sell it though since we already have a camera here. Don't need so many in one family of 3, right?

So to Prav and Mel, forget SCB. Make the switch. :P

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Feels like yesterday

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.. that I just landed back in humid KL. The past 3 weeks were truly hectic - Shean Wenn and I met up with the hubs in KLIA to travel back to Melbourne for CNY with the IL's, then back to KL for a brief 6-day trip before heading back to cold cold London (it's mid-winter now).


Shean Wenn with dad

Upon touching down, I was down with the cold - full-blown with watery eyes, stucked and watery nose, sore-throat, the works. Took me a week to recover, that's 7 days of not quite enjoying Melbourne. Couldn't taste most of the food while I was there, which was a waste. Plus, while I was sick, the weather was so good - sun-shiney, warm and crisp. Perfect for our zoo-outing, swimming.. But when I have recovered, the weather turned cold and rainy, making all that impossible.

Well, at least we went for a swim once.

The in-laws : Grandma and grandpa Wong were thrilled to see Shean Wenn again. Afterall, the last time they saw her, she was merely 2 months old and can only manage a smile or two, and was learning to laugh.

And when we reached home form the airport, grandma brought out all the toys for the little girl. Her eyes lit up when grandma showed her the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Grand Piano. Sometimes when we put her infront of her piano, she will move her body from side-to-side (kinda like "dancing"), moving to the music! Very cute. She has now learned to appreciate music more. But after a few days, she would sometimes bang on the keyboard and when she is bored doing that, she would use the Grand Piano to pull herself up to stand. (She has learnt to stand for a couple of weeks now and is practicing really hard on this new skill)

"I love making music and dancing to it..."

She was also introduced to a Fisher Price monkey, but somehow her enthusiasm towards the monkey lasted only for a couple of days. She kept toppling the monkey over instead of crawling towards/with it!

"Chilling out with Elmo!!!"

It was CNY, a first for Shean Wenn, and most of the family was around to celebrate, minus SIL Daphne who is in Thailand (in the midst of her second pregnancy). MIL cooked up a storm for reunion dinner, yumms!


There's an old chinese tradition that says one should cut one's hair before the new year. As Shean Wenn has bald patches around her back which would not grow back, we thought it would be good to give her a "trim" to help stimulate hair growth. MIL was bestowed with this important task - out came the scissors and hey presto!


During the haircut : Shean Wenn reading her book while waiting for her hair to be done.

AFTER : Ok, amidst the excitement (as you can see clearly from MIL's expression in the "BEFORE" photo), I forgot to take an "AFTER photo.

After a few days, I decided that to really stimulate hair growth, it's best to cut her hair BALD (well, almost). Mei, hub's regular hairdresser in Melbourne gave Shean Wenn a Number 1. She now looks like this :

The Bald and beautiful!

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