Thursday, 3 January 2008

Weaning : Porridge

My little darling has been eager to try out most of the food I cook for her. She has moved up from single-puree food, to double-puree food, to porridge now.

Summary :

(+8) Potato - She loves them.
(+1) Carrots - So-so, I noticed if I put more carrots in her food, she seems to have a slight aversion to it, and not finish up. So lesson learnt : Put less carrots.
(+6) Broccoli - Ok with it! Thumbs up! Good girl, at least she did not learn from her daddy and not eat broccoli.
(+10) Porridge - her absolute favourite is one cooked with ikan bilis (anchovies). The first time my sis TY made these for her, SW finished up ONE FULL Avent cup. I was so afraid she will be unconfortable. That day (her first day tasting anchovies porridge), she had 2 full cups of porridge (once for lunch and one for dinner). I decided to limit her intake the next few days... so she will not get too uncomfortable.

(Broccoli, carrots and pumpkin)

So far, she has been eating anchovies porridge and chicken porridge, both with veges - PUREED, of course (a combo of 2 or 3 veges of the following : pumpkin, spinach, broccoli, carrots, potato or sweet potato). She finished up everything that I gave her. When my sis TY feeds her, sometimes she gets impatient and cries whenever we tell her "Oops, no more porridge, Shean Wenn". Then, when we show her the cup again, she will lunge forward with mouth wide open! Must be my sister's superb cooking skills, even babies love her food. :)

(Patiently waiting for dinner wearing the bib I bought her - "We love to fly")

I use all organic vegetables. Although the rice isn't so. The store I go to does not have it in stock when I went there last week. Will try again next week.

Speaking of organic veges, there are 3 shops nearby selling organic produce. I love visiting two of them. One which has good merchandising standards - store is bright, well-stocked with interesting merchandise (they also have organic baby formula) - from groceries to non-perishables (candles and pots!), and the staff are helpful! Another shop I like going to has a restaurant that sells vegetarian dishes, I want to try one day. And their staff is SO HELPFUL. Makes shopping experience a joy.

Some of their vegetables are also imported - from Australia or America.

The 3rd shop is totally clueless - they don't stock a good variety and have poor merchandising standards : their shelves are so "clinical" - white shelves with each product facing of 1 and stock-depth of 2 or 3 each. That is just plain bad merchandising. Also, their products are everywhere not according to categories. Pooh! Really shows how merchandising can help a store create that wonderful ambience.

NEXT - Introducing fruits to her. I'm targetting Month 7 or 8, if I can help it.

Read updates on the weaning series (updated regularly later), as she progresses in this crucial stage.


Anonymous said...

is one of the shop at ikano?

Tsu Lin + + said...

mom2ahsley : Yes! Justlife is there too.


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