Sunday, 20 January 2008


I had GRAND plans.

"I will bring Shean Wenn swimming almost everyday", I announced to the hubs before Shean Wenn and I flew back to KL.
He protested slightly, "Isn't she too young? Isn't the water too cold?"
"Are you sure she can swim at such a young age?"
"What a worry wart! Of course she can swim. One is never too young to swim", I quipped and beamed.

So I bought her a swimming suit. I looked everywhere for a suitable one. Bikinis or a one-piece suit? I opted for the one-piece suit afterall. I found it in Mothercare and it was on sale. I was happy, I tried it on her to see if it will fit, it did.

I even bought her the swimming diapers - those that will not soak up water and be bloated when she goes wading in the baby pool. All 12 of it in a pack.

I packed them in the suitcase and waited to come back to warm and humid KL and jump into the pool with her.

And 3 weeks ago, I even bought her a swimming float. Tested her out on her seat (it fits!).

It's been one and a half months since we came back and the total number of times I have brought her to the pool : ZERO!

I am such a "hero".

("Mommy, is this what swimming is all about? It feels just like playing, but with a big float around my waist, it's abit restrictive to my movements, but I think I like it!")

("Mommy, this is fun!")

And look at how happy she is in her float. Now, imagine her in the pool in it. I think my husband need not worry at all about her being cold. With the rate I'm going, I hope to bring her to the pool at least once before we return! Or else I will need to think of what to do with 12 disposable swimming diapers.


Anonymous said...

were you by annnny chance at delicious at bangsar village last friday for lunch? thought i saw someone who looked like you from afar...

Anonymous said...

nice bathers by the way and not once to the pool? LOL!

Anonymous said...

aaaawww... gosh! i thought i am the queen of procrastinator, i guess you top me. heh-heh-heh...

nice suit and cute diaper (i don't even know they exist, sl has been swimming without one since 3mth ago), don't let them go to waste!

Tsu Lin + + said...

mom2ashley : YES YES I was there! Were you lunching there too?

siew : Yes, I am the queen mother of procrastinor. :P

I doubt I can finish using it. It (the diapers) says it's suitable for 7-12kg. I can pass some to SY and let her pass to you if you want.

Praveen said...

OK, better teach her swimming early. Or risk learning it as the only adult in a pool full of 5 year olds =)

Tsu Lin + + said...

Praveen : You sound like you are talking from experience. Aren't you?

Praveen said...

Graduated summa cum laude in breaststroke swimming from the Sunway Swimming Club, August 2007 =)

Tsu Lin + + said...

**Clap clap** Congrats congrats! Another feather to your hat. :)

Now, all there is left are SCL for freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, and perhaps life-saving!

Actually, I had the same problem as you (being in the pool full of 5yo's).. and I was only 7! :P :P


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