Thursday, 3 January 2008

Cupcakes for licks

My youngest sis, TP had 2 of her friends over yesterday evening. Three eager and enthusiastic 19 year-olds working labouriously in the kitchen measuring and mixing flours, eggs and sugary stuff for some 2 hours. The end result? These!

And the cupcakes taste just as good (or better) as it looks!

It was one of the nicest cupcakes I've ever had : Not too sweet (because, seriously, alot of the cupcakes bought from stores are just atad too sweet). The fillings - with walnut, raisins and banana (some had chocolate chips in it)- taste good and not too dry, even after one night (I had some for breakfast this morning). Their icing was yummy too, if you need that extra sweetness to your cupcakes. And to be perfectly honest, those beautiful trimmings on top - colourful shapes added for aesthetics - can probably be left out, less is best. Still, they made the cupcakes look more appetising.

I think they should sell them - towards college fund. CUPCAKES FOR COLLEGE FUND! Haha. To order, call me :P

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Anonymous said...

they look yummy!


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