Wednesday, 16 January 2008

6-Month Updates

As you can probably tell, I don't even bother to remember which week is she now (ie, Week 28?). I'm all about the big numbers.

Since being back in M'sia, she has showed a vast improvement in her motor and co-ordinating skills. Some of her milestones this month :

1. Scooting (almost crawling) : Front and backwards. She can also turn 360degrees to whichever direction that she wants, or if there is something she is reaching for - mummy, handphone, squeeky toys.

(Hardworker that she is, she starts practicing every morning when she wakes up!)

2. Playing : Last month, her fav toy was a remote control car. She loves looking at it move and trying to catch it. Many a times, she will catch it by it's "tail" (the antennae), somewhat like a cat catching a rat! Funny indeed especially when I see her lunging forward, left and right to try to grab the car. The kind people of BHP have also given me a remote control car (their current promotional contest) but when Tobey came to visit, I passed it to the chip-peas so that Tobey can play with it. I wonder if he likes playing with it? Or has he tire of it already?


My first time bringing her to the Park. Look how happy she was, sitting in her stroller!

Since I'm a paranoid android, I've already prepared ourselves for this walk, bringing along : water bottles (for me, and one for the baby), wipes, fan (for baby incase she gets too hot) and MOSQUITO NET! You should see the amount of heads it (the mosquito net) turned. Almost everyone would crane their necks to see what's the fuss?

A man, jogged next to me and said "Don't worry, mosquitoes won't bite him (as usual, almost everyone who sees SW thinks she is a boy)".

I replied unprovokingly without correcting him on Shean Wenn.

He then added "There isn't alot of mosquitoes around anyway".

AH HUH (who is he kidding?? Is this the first time he comes here? Gee!), perhaps you're right, but I ain't gonna take the risk. I wanted to answer, but I thought I have no time to protest. Just jog along, you crazy man!

(With the mosquito net :"Oh mum, this is EMBARASSING!")


Anonymous said...

better to be safe than sorry...
was she all sweaty after that?

Tsu Lin + + said...

She wasn't too sweaty as her aunt (my sister) was fanning her most of the time. Kinda fit the definition of being the "Queen" (HRM).

chip-pea said...

Actually, you are quite brave to bring her to a M'sian park...I was most afraid of stray dogs,men like that jogger( I would have walked away quick-quick just so that he gets the idea), sudden downpour and of course those mozzies.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Chip-Pea : Actually this park seldom have stray dogs. What they do have is stray monkeys! But I stay away from the hill, only choosing to walk in the gardens. :)

Anonymous said...

the mosquito net is funny, but if there really is a lot of mosquitoes, then i must say its effective.

Melissa said...

I love the first photo of SW in her pink outfit - she is really adorable. And your cute description about your walk in the park - cracked me up!


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