Tuesday, 1 January 2008

2008 - A New Year.. and a new me

... Well, a NEW hairstyle, anyway.

Another tick on my checklist while back in KL : to perm my hair again. And who else to do it than JS, my hairstylist for the last 6 years?

I called him up and he says he is now based in A Cut Above in Pavillion. I was dreading a drive there. But I thought, (and I was right) 1 Jan driving in KL should not be that bad. Afterall, the traffic should be smooth due to people sleeping in late after a really late night out celebrating New Year's Eve.

(The band playing at the Concourse of Pavillion - I like!)

(Interior of A Cut Above in Pavillion)

Traffic was a breeze! I arrived at 1215noon. And found a carpark relatively easy. Met up with TK for a Jap lunch at Ichiban - which was quite good. But nothing compared to my fav haunt (which is no longer around) in London.

Then, we went around killing time since my appointment is at 2.15pm. Went to Sincere Watches to ogle over watches (yet again). SIGH. I think my heart is pretty set on that watch.. but oh! Where am I to get funds? (**thinking really hard about any secret stashes of funds that i might have forgotten**) The "husband-sponsor" fund is like prying a catch off an eagle. So, no. Cannot go to the hubs. He has also moaned several times that why should I get a watch more expensive than his? But oh, how many times must I explain?

I usually do not buy things at whim. To me, if i want to get something like a watch, I will only buy something that is very valuable - I do not believe in getting many (cheaper) watches. I will only buy ONE (more expensive) watch. And besides, a good watchmaker's watch is an investment. The only watch that I bought was in 2001, using my first bonus. Although it is not a "watchmaker's" brand, I do treasure it because it serves as a reminder of how hard I worked, and how happy I felt when I got my first bonus! And as I gradually went up the ladder (eventhough it was a short stint of working :P) .. and my taste grew more "expensive"... my new aim is a good watchmaker's watch. And I know I will not get another watch for a good number of years.

I guess that's just how I am. Unlike many people, I don't also change handphones every year. And I don't own many expensive bags. But of course, my views (and ideologies) are not shared by the hubs :( TOO BAD for me. (And which is why I still think it is SO much better to be financially independent!)

Ok, i digressed.

So, after 5 hours of bum-numbing sitting position, I finally walked out of A Cut Above feeling really happy (and tired). Very well-deserved treat for myself too. They are having 20% off all haircuts/perms (excluding wash and style, i think). JS has suggested some highlights. But oh, I still stand firmly on not wanting to "damage" my hair like that. But no, yesterday I might have a change of heart. I think I'm now swaying. In my mind even as he was speaking, I was contemplating - red or gold, red or gold???? (The two colours are for the "lack" of the metal and fire elements in the new Rat Year) Argh.

(The perm)


And how did I celebrate New Year's Eve? This year (as with the past 3 years), I spent it just like any other ordinary day - as the clock strikes 0000 2008, I slipped into bed, almost dozing off... with the fireworks lulling me to sleep.


Anonymous said...

which watch are you eyeing on?
btw happy new year!

zewt said...

happy new year tsu lin... nice curls...:)

Carrot said...

happy new year tsu lin

Praveen said...

Happy New Year, TL! Nice hairdo. Have you considered the G-Shock? Nothing beats the price for Japanese precision & engineering - LOL!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Happy New Year, all!

@Praveen : G-SHOCK???? What? I don't keep myself abreast with fashion, hair or otherwise. :P Tell me more!

chip-pea said...

Nice nice nice!!!

Melissa said...

OoOoh... Pretty!! Indeed - always stick to the same hairstylist, they know best! Happy New Year, Tsulin!


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