Friday, 14 December 2007

Week 25 to 27 : Photojournal

(Still cannot sit unsupported, but getting there)

More photos of Shean Wenn in Malaysia.

(With 'Poh-Tou' (means great-grandma in Hainanese))

(With grandma and grandpa)

("Going out - hat for protection from the glaring sun! Dad chose it for me")


She loves laughing and smiling to the slaves family! As grandpa would put it, she is so "ticklish".. she would just burst out laughing/squeeling whenever someone speaks to her or plays with her.

(Sitting on the bean bag watching her favourite Baby Einstein's Neighbourhood Animal)

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Anonymous said...

looks like sw is having a really good time in malaysia, and adapting well too. i have some friends who are also back from cooler climates with their infants, and most are having problems, ie. rashes, babies fussing due to the heat and humidity, diet problems, got shocked with relations in malaysia, etc. i must give you the thumbs up.


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