Friday, 7 December 2007

We are here...

thx, originally uploaded by Tsu Lin.

Hot - Sunshine everyday

Humid - It's been raining alot since we came back and I was joking to the family that Shean Wenn brings rain since the same happened when she was born (it rained almost everyday for 2 weeks and Britain's got hit by the worst flood in many years).

How things work - .. or DOES NOT WORK. Was looking for a payphone at KLIA when I touched down. Out of the 12 there, only 2 worked. Classic!

Beautiful! I miss the sunshine so much. Shean Wenn has been coping well since here. Not even suffering from jetlag. More photos will ensue.


Carrot said...

such a cute pic! welcome home!

Anonymous said...

oh i love that summer dress and she looks adorable in it!

oh so what else is new in Malaysia eh?
Notice that out of the available counters ANYWHERE - banks, immgration offices, immigration booths at the name it, only 50% would be functional.....this is what you call Malaysia Boleh....NOT.

Tsu Lin + + said...

carrot : THANKS!

mom2ashley : Thanks, the dress is a gift from Tobey's mom.

I concur with you on that. I don't even want to TRY to understand WHY maintenance is such a difficult thing.. it's probably due to our "glorious" "Tidak Apa" attitude.


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