Friday, 21 December 2007

Such GIANT services.

My experiences shopping at the local hypermarket.

1. Me looking for the nappies/diapers section.

I spotted a friendly shop assistant. I approached her.

Me : Excuse me. Hi. May I know where is the nappy section??
She : **scratches head** Nappy? Huh?
Me : Mmm.. ok, you know, nappies? Diapers? Untuk diguna oleh bayi? (For used by babies)
She : Oh. Nappy! *Points to the kitchen section*
Me : Uh, no. Bukan, saya sedang cari nappies - untuk bayi. (I'm looking for nappies - for babies)
She : Oh, NAPKINS. *she corrected me. And proceeded to point to the right location.*
Me : o_O Uuuh, Ok. Thanks.

2. It's bear-y clean

Cutest Teddy Bear, originally uploaded by fcphoto.

After browsing many minutes at the nappies section, I proceeded to browse at the babies section (I do like browsing at merchandising/merchandise since I used to work in this area). I stood at the end of the isle for something that must be for toys. Before I change isle, an employee appeared from the other end and stopped right infront of some (soft toy) bears. He must've not seen me because what he did next was appalling! He stood there for 2 seconds (perhaps deciding which one to take) and reached out for one of them. He took a medium-sized bear, and used it to rub his nose several times. Eeeeew! I was aghasted. I did not move, frozen in my position.. partly, perhaps hoping he'd see me and getting to see his reaction that he has been found out - a look of shock, embarassment.. ? But no. He did not glance to his left. He put the bear back. Stood there for another 5 seconds before he decided that his nose has been thoroughly wiped clean.

Totally bizarre... and not in a good way.


So there, wonderful tales from Malaysia.

And no, I did not bring back a cuddly bear from this hypermarket that is synonymous with "everyday low prices, big variety and great value." Oh no, NO.


Praveen said...

Gosh, the teddy bear tickles me - how unhygienic! I hope you've written a letter to lodge a complaint.

Anonymous said...

ARGH! utterly disgusting! and did you lodge a complaint?

Carrot said...

so gross. soooo so gross

Anonymous said...

oh no! this is very discomforting. ugh! *shudder* *shudder*


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