Saturday, 1 December 2007

Northampton : A visit to see Tobey

We thought we should reciprocate the chip-pea's visit some months back and went to visit baby Tobey - Shean Wenn's friend, up North in Northampton. It was a Friday and the hubs was on leave so we left the house at 9.30am, expecting a drive of 1.5-2.0 hours.

We reached the chip-pea's semi-detached house at 11am. We were early. ML (Tobey's mom) lead us in and we found baby Tobey sitting in his mattress in the living room. He greeted us by giving us a warm smile and bouncing up and down on his mattress, that boy is such a cheerful baby! He noticed Shean Wenn immediately and kept glancing at her. While hubs was taking SW out of her carseat to join Tobey to play on his mattress, Tobey kept tilting his head to his side to try to glance over hub's shoulders to peak at her! How adorable.

The two babies immediately warmed up to each other. Tobey allowed SW to play with his toys, and both of them chatted away (by "chatting", I mean baby-talk). And when Mommy Tobey asked Tobey to "sayang Shean Wenn", you know what he did? He put his hands on SW's face and "sayang"-ed her - Awwwwww.... how sweet is that? And then, he even pecked Shean Wenn a few times on her forehead and cheeks! Such a charmer, that boy!

"Tobey go "sayang" Shean Wenn", mommy chip-pea says.

Tobey trying to give Shean Wenn a friendly peck on the cheek!

Both photos courtesy of the chip-pea

We then drove to Milton Keynes to meet up with SK for lunch. The chip-pea bought us a lovely lunch of dim-sum. It was good catching up with them.

Then as SK goes back to work, the 5 of us (3 adults and 2 babies) went to the Milton Keynes mall for a walk. In the mall, they were having their christmas display, and boy, what glorious display! Very interesting for babies and kids.

The talking toad christmas display

There was a carousel in the midst of this Christmas display and ML bought tickets for us to go ride on it! Woohooo... I must admit, I think I had more fun than the babies. It was my first time going on a carousel. :P

Going round and round.
"Mommy's first time in a carousel" : Here with the chip-peas.

After the ride, ML and I went over to Mothercare where I found a bathing suit for SW at discount (for our impending trip back to the Equator)! *Glee*

We finally left (with a heavy heart) MK mall at 415pm, and got stuck in the (notorious) M25 traffic jam for 2 hours! We got back home at 7.15pm, a total of 3 hours on the road coming back. Ok, we should really avoid going out of or coming into London on a Friday.

Read the chip-pea's version here.

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