Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The diligent crawler

She woke up early in the mornings,
eyes-bright, legs a-thumping;
She utters nothing,
just huffing and puffing;
As she continues to struggle to move forward..
when infact, she is doing very well backwards!
And when she reaches the end,
she hollers "Can you give me a hand?"!

(Timestamp - 7:59:32am)

(Timestamp - 8:18:28am)
(I found her in her cot, legs dangling out)

A new step in the next milestone : Crawling!


Anonymous said...

She's so cute. She makes fantastic progress!

Anonymous said...

hahah so cute! that (legs sticking out of the cot) happens to aidan too! his big drumstick of a leg usually gets caught between the cot bars

Tsu Lin + + said...

siew : :)

mom2ashley : You should blog about that - or at least a photo of it. I find it SO cute (the legs sticking out). I think this is probably only applicable to us gushing parents ;P


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