Sunday, 9 December 2007

1st Week back

(Preoccupied with the mirror....)

This is Shean Wenn's first time in KL and she has been adjusting well... much better than I expected. Her maiden plane journey has also gone pretty well (relatively. Relative to Tobey and some other babies), as she managed to slumber a few hours combined. And I get to rest as well.

Coming home, she is showered with lots of attention and she basks in being in the centre of attention. She will coo, squel and chat in excitement.. charming her great-grandma, grandparents and uncle and aunties.

She also met my friends - WL and MVO came to visit on Saturday.

On Sunday, CG came to pick us up for lunch at BV2.

(Shean Wenn patiently sits in her stroller while chatting with mummy)

Getting her into the car took me 5 minutes. She happily sat on her stroller while mummy was catching up with CG and Prav in Delicious. SK, ML and baby Tobey could not make it this time. I fed her as soon as we sat down in Delicious as it was already her feed time. Delicious's staff happily obliged me with my requests for a pair of scissors (to cut open the RTD formula milk), more serviettes and hot water. Well done!

("Can I have a pair of scissors to cut open my RTD, please?", I requested)

After her feed, she happily sat down while I ate my lunch, which was their Duck Confit Spaghettini (verdict : MOST YUMMY!). CG brought along his SLR and snapped some photos of her. She wasn't in her most jovial some of the time... but CG did manage to snap some lovely shots of her!

("Listening attentively to Praveen koko talk")

SW loved it when Praveen chatted to her... she looked at him attentively and gave some of her own comments as well! :)

(Our first outing back in KL - 9 Dec 2007)

After a hearty lunch (Thanks Prav and CG for the great company and good lunch), CG and us headed for a walk around BV2.... and finishing the day with a cuppa at *bucks!



chip-pea said...

Nice stroller!Love her top!

Praveen said...

Great photos. Must be the camera =)

Glad we got off to a great start, Shean Wenn. Looking forward to making you giggle more the next time around!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Thanks Chip-Pea.

Praveen : WHAT D'YA mean "great photos. must be the camera"? That we look better on film? Grrr!

Oh yes, she prob likes your deep voice - it's soothing! :P


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